Laboratory Informatics Solutions

When it comes to unified data management, we help you do more.

Choose a laboratory informatics tool that works as effectively as you do. The STARLIMS Unified Laboratory Informatics Platform is designed to cut through the clutter of diverse data, multiple formats and various SOPs to optimize the way labs access and use data.

Simply put, our unified solution increases efficiency. Our single web-based platform enhances the availability of your data, streamlines information management and eliminates the need to develop and manage costly interfaces between LIMS, SDMS and ELN, all while protecting your data and intellectual property.

Laboratory Information Management System

Get the information you need—exactly the way you need it. Our LIMS, the backbone of laboratory informatics built on our decades of expertise, enhances data integrity, management and sharing. The tool expertly handles complex processes, ensures regulatory compliance and promotes collaboration within your lab and among labs around the world.

Scientific Data Management System

Put all your data to work in one place. The STARLIMS SDMS extracts information from various scientific documents and places it into a structured, easy-to-access format. Spreadsheets, research reports, product specifications, instrument output files and more are synthesized into the STARLIMS unified platform via SDMS, enabling unified searches and eliminating redundancies.

Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Make a notable improvement in your data recording. The STARLIMS ELN eliminates paper-based notebooks to increase efficiency, reduce error rates and promote regulatory compliance. This powerful tool gives you peace of mind that all data and supporting information are properly documented and that Standard Operating Procedures are followed.