Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)

Ensure regulatory compliance and data integrity by eliminating paper-based notebooks

eln lab technician image

Quality and manufacturing labs like yours need to:

  • Promote regulatory compliance
  • Reduce error rates
  • Increase efficiency

STARLIMS Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) is designed to help you achieve all these goals and is part of the web-based platform for unified laboratory informatics.

It enables you to ensure that any given analytical procedure is carried out in strict compliance with the prescribed method, and that all the associated data is accurately recorded. An Electronic Laboratory Notebook is ideal for laboratories working under GxP or subject to other regulatory requirements.

Implement STARLIMS ELN and achieve your data management and compliance goals:

  • Tightly control the sequence of tasks in your lab
  • Integrate it with your SDMS to ensure that Standard Operating Procedures are followed
  • Eliminate the need to maintain error-prone paper notebooks
  • Record all required data in electronic format from the first moment it is created. (e.g., the materials, personnel, standards, instruments and calculations employed in the process)
  • Eliminate transcription errors, through automatic data transfer between the SDMS and the ELN
  • Streamline data storage and retrieval
  • Disseminate information as soon as it is created

Contact us to find out how STARLIMS Electronic Laboratory Notebook can help your lab to attain your quality and performance objectives.