STARLIMS Unified Platform

Make your information more accessible and usable throughout the supply chain—and maximize the value of the data produced in your lab.

  • Enhance availability of lab data
  • Protect your data and intellectual property
  • Eliminate repetitive searches
  • Streamline information management
  • Eliminate the need to develop and manage expensive interfaces

Control all your data in a single system independently of source and format.

Laboratories handle a wide range of data from well defined structured data to ad hoc unstructured data from research. Until now, the only way to integrate structured and unstructured data was through customized integration projects, which had limited functionality and high ownership costs. Plus, using separate applications from various vendors can be error-prone, inefficient and expensive.

By contrast, the STARLIMS Unified Platform offers a vastly more efficient way of consolidating all types of lab information. It seamlessly incorporates Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) functionality and a Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) in a single LIMS platform. With the STARLIMS Unified Platform, you can:

  • Use a single repository to access all of your data and documents.
  • Increase lab productivity by reducing time spent looking for lost or missing data and conducting multiple searches in various repositories
  • Promote informed decision-making based on accurate and timely information, by presenting individual users exactly the information they need, regardless of its source or format
  • Dramatically improve information sharing and collaboration. A standard web browser is all your global users need to access lab data
  • Streamline information management: reduce maintenance, training and deployment costs by eliminating the need to maintain and support multiple computing platforms, applications and costly interfaces between Electronic Notebooks, LIMS and SDMS

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