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Say goodbye to ineffective R&D platforms

Stop letting the constraints of your current R&D platform hold you back from driving results. The Labstep ELN offers unrivalled value and robust features with seamless navigation and quick implementation. Our hallmark is adaptability and effortlessly supporting multidisciplinary teams around the world.

ELN Comparison Chart

We understand the importance of distinguishing between different vendors when making big purchasing decisions. This comparative chart shows key differentiators between the Labstep ELN and its competitors, so you can see why Labstep is the R&D platform that can help you reach your goals.

R&D is unpredictable, surrounded by uncertainty — your laboratory technology should not be. Built by scientists for scientists, Labstep is the connected, next-generation cloud R&D platform that helps you do more science with less grind. We’re here to help you generate and protect IP, reach your compliance initiatives, and accelerate innovation.

Solution Brief

Discover how the Labstep ELN empowers researchers to optimize their workflow processes, from experiment planning and execution to data analysis and sharing. Explore the intuitive interface and robust features that make our ELN a trusted choice for laboratories across various scientific disciplines.

Experience the future of laboratory management with Labstep, where innovation meets efficiency.

A researcher tracks samples using the Labstep ELN from STARLIMS.

Elypta Accelerates R&D for Cancer Detection with the Labstep ELN from STARLIMS

Elypta is on a mission to revolutionize early cancer detection with a pioneering metabolism-based liquid biopsy. Elypta’s research relies heavily on the simultaneous analysis of thousands of samples, posing significant challenges in managing, updating, and tracking these effectively.

Webinar | Revolutionizing Research with ELN-Driven Experiment Efficiency

R&D leaders face growing pressure to innovate quickly and cost-effectively. However, manual paper-based data collection methods stifle innovation, while outdated systems slow productivity and introduce data quality and traceability issues. We explored this topic in our webinar.

A laptop computer displays the modern, intuitive Electronic Lab Notebook by Labstep, a STARLIMS company.

The Labstep Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Solution Brief

R&D is critical in driving the innovations that improve our lives. Ideate, create, and protect your IP with the Labstep ELN.

Woman using a tablet on a lab

Streamline your laboratory workflows with the Labstep Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern laboratories, the Labstep ELN provides researchers with a powerful platform to flexibly manage data, better execute experiments, and collaborate seamlessly.

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