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To compete successfully in today’s crowded global marketplace, your business must offer top quality, safe products and services. But complying with industry regulations and staying competitive and sustainable means facing challenges. From the need to streamline processes to save costs, to pressures to reduce energy, water and resource use, every business expects to maximize efficiency and value from investments in hardware, software, raw materials and resources. And whatever your field, you need the assurance of process transparency, traceability and compliance across your whole organization.

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The Integrated Solution is a powerful combination of any offerings, using our world-class LIMS as the base. Enhance your LIMS by adding an ELN to help enforce method execution and/or an SDMS to streamline data collection and document management. Advance operations with Advanced Analytics and Mobile capabilities. The choice is yours.

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Software Validation

For regulated industries operating to GMP or other GxP guidelines, software validation is essential. Recent trends indicate that industries are moving towards the goal of paperless data handling and management to demonstrate data integrity. All records required under cGMP are subject to FDA inspection, which means that all software that generates or interacts with GMP data must be validated.

The time and resources required to validate a new LIMS, or even implement an upgrade is a barrier for many organizations. With a tool that automates the process of running test scripts, go-lives of new software implementation will be faster and the execution of regression tests for software upgrades will be simplified. In addition, with an automated tool, the likelihood of human error during manual execution of test scripts would be significantly reduced. 


STARLIMS Knows Your Business

From R&D to manufacturing and beyond, STARLIMS optimizes the entire product lifecycle. With preconfigured industry-specific features and capabilities, STARLIMS experts can get your LIMS solution up and running quickly so you can concentrate on getting high quality and safe products to market faster. Select an industry to find technical specifications and learn more about how STARLIMS helps your organization excel.

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