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It’s vital that clinical labs deliver accurate results. The STARLIMS Clinical Research LIMS software makes sure your lab’s samples are collected, handled and processed accurately throughout the entire sample lifecycle. The STARLIMS solution grows as your lab’s needs evolve, providing unrivaled flexibility and support of user-configurable workflows for a wide range of research projects, clinical trials, and laboratory processes. Feel confident in your ability to meet changing investigator needs and increasingly stringent regulations, all while providing accurate clinical research results.

Manage Complex Clinical Trials From The Start

The STARLIMS Trial Manager provides users with the capabilities to define and configure many factors of a study including:

  • Study protocols
  • Treatment groups
  • Subject/sample metadata
  • Master schedule, including visit schedules, visit-specific subject metadata, visit elements, tolerance limits and visit sequence information
  • Consent information and verification, in accordance with Institutional Review Board (IRB) and regulatory requirements, as well as subject preferences
  • Use of templates and wizards to establish study-based reference ranges, reflexes, triggers, and reporting requirements

Track And Handle Samples Seamlessly

  • Delineate, identify, and locate specimens within a container or in storage by using barcode scan fields and graphical tools
  • Track specimen’s home location, due date for return, and responsible individuals
  • Enable researchers to reserve specimens for a specified time interval
  • Add new specimen metadata attributes to use during queries
  • Identify and resolve discrepancies between specimen/subject attributes (arrival condition, container, transit time, etc.) and clinical study requirements
  • Access a full specimen’s history from accessioning to final disposal
More Capabilities

 Manage Specimen Inventory And Storage

  • Modify clinical research lab workflows including specimen collection, receiving, testing and processing, storage location management, querying, and referral
  • View data that helps you manage inventories, storage, specimen usage and movement, specimen placement and removal, test assignment, and much more
  • Define kit components, track manufacturing, inventory levels, and kit distribution with the STARLIMS Inventory Manager and STARLIMS Trial Manager
  • Plan and track the capacity in each storage location to help consolidate inventory or remind personnel to perform periodic physical inventory reconciliation

Streamline And Automate Day-to-Day Lab Logistics

  • Automate import of E-manifest, test requests, and test results files
  • Interface to automated specimen handling systems and analytical instruments, system-to-system communications via web services, file transfer (text, CSV, HL7, ASCII, etc.), and direct database communications
  • Manage chain of custody with electronic signatures
  • Manage customer billing and invoicing for specimen shipping, processing, and/or testing
  • Complete ordering, packing, and shipping with shipping workflow tool
  • Allow secure access to central laboratory operations for clinical trial investigators, project managers, kit manufacturing sites and external reference labs

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