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Streamlining Processes and Improving Automation

Managing your laboratory’s testing, addressing your customers’ needs efficiently, and ensuring that your lab delivers results with the utmost quality and on-time is mission-critical. With streamlined processes and improved automation, our STARLIMS Contract Services LIMS solution is specifically designed to ensure that your lab operates with the efficiencies required by the fast paced operational and customer demands.  

Manage your customer information and set up projects for laboratory testing

  • Bill clients for samples tested, create invoices that reflect the price list and other payment terms that your facility has set for the clients.
  • Bill clients for the tests performed according to prices set for the tests and the materials used. Issue invoices after samples are logged for testing or materials are shipped. 
  • Configure price lists for your clients and projects. Typically, facilities bill clients for the tests performed according to prices set for the tests and the materials used.
  • STARLIMS provides tools to add, update, copy, release, print, and retire price lists used in project management. You can also keep a repository of test prices which you can use to update price lists.

Guarantee Complete Sample Management

  • Support sample and test workflow from start to finish, configure triggers, sample points, re-sample and re-test workflows. Link to open investigations through the integrated investigation module. Additionally, you may generate worksheet/list result calculations, and result specifications comparisons.
  • Manage the storage of samples and sample storage locations. Store your samples in hierarchical storage containers and view the contents of each level of the storage hierarchy. 
  • Set up your sample schedules to automatically schedule sampling points and QC samples based upon multiple criteria.  Easily view sample schedules in a calendar format to easily visualize when samples will be logged.
  • Outsource tasks with third-party laboratories (either internal or external), including an entire lifecycle to allow the shipment of samples to third-party laboratories for testing.
  • Evaluate sample test results against different sets of specifications.
Quality & Compliance

Have Confidence In Compliance and Best Practices

  • Track all aspects of your contract services lab data, from the lowest level result and test information through analyst certifications. Access an entire sample history, review the training history of each individual, display full audit trails and extract e-signature information and much more.
  • Support your laboratory’s compliance related to the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and the EU Annex 11 guidelines, ISO 17025 and cGxP and others with our comprehensive Audit and Traceability modules. By centralizing all of this operational information, you reduce the cost involved in preparing for an audit.

Aid In Critical Decision-Making

  • Stability Studies – manage protocols, sample inventory, studies, pulling schedules, conditions and locations, all within the system. Achieve your stability management goals more quickly by migrating from your legacy stability study system into our contract services LIMS with a data migration toolset.
  • Manage your incoming and raw materials effectively. This includes skip lot testing (reduced testing), dynamic data and out of the box interfaces for SAP.
  • Environmental Monitoring Module – monitor the production environment in which batches are created. Ensure that all