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How upgrading your LIMS helps in your lab's digital tranformation journey

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Software upgrades require a significant investment in time, human resources, and dollars. However, because of the enhancements and configurable options available in the latest upgrades, labs that choose to upgrade will now function more smoothly, more cost-effectively and more securely.

Labs utilizing outdated LIMS systems lack the ability to leverage new technological and business application advances. What’s more, they run the risk of relying on unsupported legacy software, becoming vulnerable to security breaches, and falling behind their peers and the ever-evolving market demands.

STARLIMS upgrades take an evolutionary approach to technological development that addresses these concerns so that labs can:

    • Leverage product functionality to improve operational efficiency and streamline and automate lab processes.
    • Proactively address security issues and regulatory compliance e.g., GMP, ISO etc.
    • Gain access to ancillary solutions that could improve visibility, collaboration, and interoperability.
    • Stay ahead of customer’s needs and not be left behind or not considered due to outdated technology.

Download the whitepaper and discover how the latest releases for the STARLIMS suite of products help to enhance product and workflow quality in the lab and ensure operational excellence.

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