What are the benefits of a LIMS?

Paper-based and outdated systems in silos for managing laboratory workflows are subject to human errors in data entry, transcribing, reporting, and filing. Additionally creating, storing, and managing files or paper records can be both costly and time consuming. Paper-based or scattered data in many files or systems, also can’t be compared and analyzed in context, and therefore a lot of intelligence embedded in that data is lost.

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LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is a software-based solution that supports productivity and efficiency in modern labs in research and development, analytical research, quality assurance, quality control, technical services, manufacturing, contract research and other environments, across a wide range of industries. A LIMS interfaces with the lab’s automated systems, measurement and analytical instruments and software to oversee and manage complex laboratory processes. Connecting through system-to-system communications via file transfer, web services, and direct database communications, a modern LIMS will also interface with enterprise software, such as ERP platforms, inventory and accounting tools, to automate instrument calibration and maintenance scheduling, order reagents and consumables, and even manage staff training and invoicing. By interfacing with and connecting these lab and enterprise ecosystems a LIMS can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the need for manual data entry and reporting, manage high-throughput, high-content workflows, and allow users to access and interrogate diverse datasets to improve intelligence and aid in business decision making. In short, a LIMS can support you to:
    • Work towards a paperless lab
    • Improve efficiency & reduce errors
    • Improve data availability & quality
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