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STARLIMS launches STARLIMS PH 12.1 and Public Health Bundled Solution

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The release of STARLIMS Public Health Solution PH12.1 is built on the latest Technology Platform V12. This version of the Technology Platform supports Code Layering feature which manages customizations done to the core product in a new layer, making it easier to implement future product upgrades.

STARLIMS PH12.1 release includes the following features:
Interfacing Solution from Technology Platform
  • Support for HL7 interfaces for information exchange with external systems and Public Health authorities. This solution allows customers to configure their HL7 interfaces settings, and mappings as well as to import and export their HL7 interface specifications among different environments.
  • HL7 PHLIP Program Interface configuration validated in partnership with Arizona State Department of Health and APHL is available in our Content Library for customers to download and import to their systems.
  • Support for bidirectional interfaces with middleware Instrument Manager from Data Innovation, to send test orders to Instrument Manager and import test results.
Barcode Accessioning

This solution allows customers to configure templates for their Electronic Fillable Test Requisition Form with 2D barcodes. Customers can provide these electronic forms to their customers to print and ship with their samples to the laboratory. Once the samples arrive to the lab with the printed Requisition Form, the user can scan the barcodes during accessioning instead of entering the data manually.

Requisition Form Batch Scanning

This solution allows customers to configure a shared network directory for the system to import and upload the PDF files of Test Requisition Form scanned by an external software, as an attachment of the accession.

Product API

Documented public API supporting RESTful web services with functions to support creating orders, providing order status, panel status, cancelling orders, and obtaining final report.

In addition to STARLIMS PH12.1, we have the STARLIMS Public Health Bundled solution, which is a separate installation available in our Cloud, also with the latest Technology Platform V12, that includes the following:


Portal solution in HTML5 for submitters to the public health labs, allows the user to create requests for testing of any panel, submit request to the lab, print a Packing Slip Report, view their recent requests, view the details of each request, download final reports, create queries and reports for their requests.

STARLIMS Mobile App for Sample Collection

The Mobile App can be installed in either Android or iOS smart phone and tablet devices. The Mobile App is intended for entering request, patient and sample data in real time as sample collection is performed and submit the request for testing to the lab. The user will be able to see his recent requests, status and details of the request.

Mobile App for Sample Collection Screenshots
Summary of Key Benefits
  • Public Health customers are better equipped with the release of STARLIMS PH12.1 and Public Health Bundled Solution to increase efficiency in their lab operations and provide a better value for the services to their customers.
  • Public Health HL7 Configurable Reporting Solution with validated content for HL7 programs such as PHLIP, in collaboration with Arizona Department of Health Services and APHL, provides customers the right platform for configuration and import of more validated HL7 standard programs to their systems, from our Content Library.
  • Reduce the time for instrument interfaces configuration using middleware Instrument Manager from Data Innovations and configurable DI interfaces integrated solution.
  • STARLIMS Public Health Bundled solution allows you to provide your customers the STARLIMS Portal and Mobile App for Sample Collection hosted and maintained in our cloud, with very friendly and intuitive user interface for a better overall user experience and with minimum end user training.
  • The STARLIMS Mobile App for Sample Collection is the perfect solution for your customers collecting the samples in the field, where a desktop or laptop is not available, and submitting the requests for testing to the lab.
  • Both STARLIMS Portal and Mobile App connect to your STARLIMS PH system using the product API, with no need to upgrade your STARLIMS system.
  • Reduce your lab turnaround time by improving the operations for sample accessioning with electronic orders sent from the portal and mobile app, with option for accessioning using barcode scanning of requisition forms and importing the requisition form scanning.