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Focus on running your laboratory and leave the management of your STARLIMS solution to our Cloud Services team. Cloud services enables you to be more productive and cost-efficient without compromising on security or functionality.

Cloud Capabilities

With our Cloud Services, you do not have to purchase hardware, install software, or manage your system infrastructure when you purchase a STARLIMS Solution. Cloud Services provide you with:

Ensure System Stability

Our DBAs will monitor your system’s performance and keep it tuned, while our IT experts will ensure system updates and patches are installed and up to date.

Launch LIMS Faster

You don’t have to wait to purchase and set up servers. With our Cloud Services, you can get up and running with your STARLIMS project quickly.

Be Prepared For A Disaster

Our disaster recovery plan provides a separate back-up data center with a recovery time objective of four hours and recovery point objective of a maximum of 15 minutes.

Be Secure and Compliant

Cloud Services encrypts lab data in transit and at rest so that you can be assured that your data is safe and secure. Our HIPAA compliant option meets all HIPAA regulatory requirements.

Scales As You Need

Start with the software you need now, and add licenses as your organization grows.

Integrated Solution Suite

Our Cloud Services works with all of the components in the STARLIMS Integrated Solution. The Integrated Solution is made up of our powerful LIMS with options to integrate with an ELN, SDMS, and other lab data software – all of which are deployable in our cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure

Powered by Amazon Web Services

Leading Provider of Cloud Infrastructure, with Global Availability, AWS has millions of Active Customers and compliance with multiple standards1.

Enhanced Security

Through many components such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Logical Separation via Database Containment. 

Scalable, High Performance Architecture

On demand computing scalability, Solid State Drives and High Availability distributing load across multiple servers, improving performance. 

High Availability

Automatic failover architecture, geographically separated, load balanced server and database cluster using always on availability groups.

Global Coverage

Data Centers in Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. 


STARLIMS Knows Your Business

From R&D to manufacturing and beyond, STARLIMS optimizes the entire product lifecycle. With preconfigured industry-specific features and capabilities, STARLIMS experts can get your LIMS solution up and running quickly so you can concentrate on getting high quality and safe products to market faster. Select an industry to find technical specifications and learn more about how STARLIMS helps your organization excel.

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