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Eliminate paper to ensure accurate method execution. The Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) records and documents research in one place to increase efficiency and reduce error rates.

ELN Capabilities

The ELN is a powerful electronic replacement that maximizes your lab’s efficiency and enables compliance by allowing execution of test workflows without interruption.

Reduce Data Entry Time

On-screen method execution instructions (SOPs) are displayed alongside the Electric Lab Notebook’s data entry screen, showing users what is needed to input data properly and efficiently.

Use Existing Methods

Your lab’s existing templates and formulas are easily transferred into the ELN. The easy-to-use interface is similar to standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Collect Important Sample Data

Capture and import data from complex and simple analytical instruments (e.g. serial and TCP/IP interfaces), including keywords, tables and graphics

Communicate Better

Annotate pictures to highlight problem areas, and add charts and graphs to show the data in an easy-to-understand format to other users.

Trace and Audit Data

Maintain full traceability (including electronic signatures) of who did what, where, and when to support compliance. Results can be retrieved for an audit or review.

Reduce Error Rates

Detect potential problems early through checks at each workflow step. Run validation criteria and route data entry, approvals, and releases to the right people. 

Integrated Solution Suite

ELN is built on the same advanced technology as our LIMS and is a key component of the STARLIMS Unified Solution. With our powerful LIMS solution at its core, you can also choose to integrate our SDMS or enrich operations with Advanced Analytics Mobile features.


STARLIMS Knows Your Business

From R&D to manufacturing and beyond, STARLIMS optimizes the entire product lifecycle. With preconfigured industry-specific features and capabilities, STARLIMS experts can get your LIMS solution up and running quickly so you can concentrate on getting high quality and safe products to market faster. Select an industry to find technical specifications and learn more about how STARLIMS helps your organization excel.

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