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Quality products and results are what your customers expect. Expect the same from your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Beyond lab data management, STARLIMS is a comprehensive solution that improves quality and safety throughout the entire product lifecycle. Configurable features help laboratories from sample intake to delivery of accurate results, driving smarter decision making for your business and customers throughout the entire process.

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LIMS Capabilities

Complete Lifecycle Management

From R&D to clinical trials to manufacturing and compliance, STARLIMS helps drive innovation throughout the entire product lifecycle. Configure workflows for a wide range of research projects and laboratory processes. Interface with automated sample handling systems, analytical instruments, and system-to-system communications via web services, file transfer (text, CSV, HL7, ASCII, etc.) and direct database communications.

Quality and Safety

Audit trails, electronic signatures, and chain of custody capabilities simplify the quality control process by ensuring that SOPs and business rules are being followed. STARLIMS also helps you comply with FDA and other regulations and policies. Learn more about our quality certifications, including our ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 accreditations.

Powerful Decision Making Tools

Oversee the workflows of your lab with intuitive dashboards. Search across multiple data sets quickly to understand and react to emerging trends or find ways to improve product quality, workflows and planning of resources.

Logistics Oversight

Leave the day-to-day operations management to the LIMS. STARLIMS can help manage product inventory, storage capacity, analyst training and certifications, and customer billing.


Data sharing across systems is easy. STARLIMS can interface with enterprise systems, such as SAP, Empower, and Chromeleon, in addition to integrating with internal business-specific software.

Integrated Solution Suite

With our LIMS, you can choose from a full suite of products with the same advanced technology. Integrate with our ELN or SDMS. Enrich operations with Advanced Analytics and Mobile features. Learn about the STARLIMS Integrated Solution.

No Business Interruptions

STARLIMS is a multi-tier solution with independent technology, data, and business layers. Updates can be made to one tier without interfering the others. This reduces risks, lowers the cost of ownership, and simplifies validation needs.

A Total Solution Partner

When you choose to implement a STARLIMS solution, you choose to partner with STARLIMS dedicated team of global experts who have 30+ years of domain expertise. We’ll give you the tools and support to make sure your organization achieves quality results for years to come.

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