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Food and Beverage LIMS Brochure

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Scalable, Web based, Compliant

Whether a grower, manufacturer, supplier or distributor, STARLIMS Food & Beverage solution is a scalable web based solution that will allow you to connect from virtually anywhere with full 21 CFR Part 11 compliant capable features to ensure data integrity, regulatory compliance and inspection readiness.

Consolidate sample data and documentation, produce CoA/ CCP for samples that meet specifications, handle FSMA, HACCP, HARPC, and GFSI compliance requirements and produce real time analysis of tested samples.

Secure, Reliable, Integrated

STARLIMS solution provides functionality that can help your industry to monitor and control the safety and quality of your raw materials, in process and finish goods testing; providing you a platform for the documentation of results and the management of information in a secure and reliable way.

STARLIMS Integrated Solution is the only product on the market to provide a completely integrated solution incorporating LIMS, LES, ELN, SDMS, Advanced Analytics and Mobility in a single application, eliminating the need to build and maintain custom interfaces to third party tools.

Food and Beverage Laboratory Management

STARLIMS data management software includes powerful tools for comprehensive management of all lab processes: instrument management, inventory control, flexible calculations and data analysis tools, analytical batch & plate management, standards & reagents management, comprehensive audit trail/electronic signatures and more.