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Sernageomin – Partners in the Mining and Geology Industry

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The National Geology and Mining Service Laboratory from Chile (Laboratorio del Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería de Chile – SERNAGEOMIN) optimises its processes with the implementation of STARLIMS solution.

Optimize the process of registering samples manually Ability to register samples manually and automatically, track them and show the chain of custody The samples inventory system from STARLIMS has optimized this key activity in the lab
Improve the time to deliver results and/or certificates of analysis Comparison of the results against specifications, send notifications of completed work through alerts and reminders so that it can be approved and the certificate issued/delivered Ability in the analysis process to view the efficiency of the LIMS in managing the laboratory processes
Issue a complete annual report of the lab management, increase in the lab services capacity. Reduce the time to prepare the information for audits. Register requests from the geology department and external customers STARLIMS keeps all the information centralized, providing global access to all the information of analysis, sample statuses, and view or print any kind of query or report by using an Internet Web Browser STARLIMS allows the management and analysis of information in an efficient way, so that reports with validated data can be automatically generated. STARLIMS is helping the lab to reduce paper documents, optimizing in this way the certifying system. The registration request has been optimized, improving the administrative time.
Optimize the materials management and keep a monthly control of reagents and supplies used in the lab. Improve the control of location and storage of projects samples. STARLIMS manages the materials purchase, vendors, samples storage, materials consumption, inventory transactions, and expiring notifications. This is a permanent challenge at the lab and STARLIMS is allowing SERNAGEOMIN to control materials and stock needed to manage expenses and analysis.
Use of a flexible system that could interact with the Corporate database and other systems developed by SERNAGEOMIN. Fully web-based technology that provides the necessary interface between the LIMS and the database. STARLIMS allows the interface with the other organization databases without any inconvenience.

Among the requirements defined by the laboratory experts, the LIMS solution needs to incorporate a cutting-edge technology and be easy to use. In addition, the functions should be managed and configured from anywhere, being simply accessed through a web browser.


The National Geology and Mining Service Laboratory from Chile (Laboratorio del Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería de Chile – SERNAGEOMIN) is facing an increase in the workload, besides the request for faster processing and issuing of results. Moreover, the laboratory must strictly control the procedures used to obtain the data, ensuring information integrity as well as the validity of the analysis and decisions made.

STARLIMS solution will manage the workflow process for all of the following laboratories:

  • Chemistry
  • Isotope Geology
  • Mineralogy
  • Support Units

Modern equipment and a qualified team of professionals, along with STARLIMS technology, will increase the efficiency and improve the performance of the laboratory. Finally, with a single centralized system SERNAGEOMIN will be able to keep all the information related to projects as well as carry out research studies related to the development of geology and environment.