STARLIMS Content Library – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Advanced Analytics Library?

The Advanced Analytics Library is a service to which, as an Abbott Informatics customer, you have access to. Using the Library, you can:

  • Browse workbooks built by our experts.
  • Try them on the demo system.
  • Download and import them into your system.
  • Provide feedback.
What is the cost of this service?

Using the Library to browse and view available dashboards is provided as a complimentary service to Abbott Informatics’ customers. Downloading and using the dashboards on your STARLIMS system requires Advanced Analytics licenses. If you do not have licenses, please contact your account manager.

Can I have access to the Library?

Yes. If you do not already have access, please contact support and request access to the Library.

Will the content on the Library ever change?

Yes. It is our goal to add new content as the product evolves. 

My Advanced Analytics version is x.x. Will these workbooks work on my system?

Workbooks are built for specific product releases. Please pay attention to the version on which they were built as indicated at the top of each workbook. If your product version is equal or greater, you’re good to go!


If the versions is newer than yours, then we encourage you to speak with support or your account manager and consider upgrading. 

If I want to update my Advanced Analytics version, can I do so?

If you have an annual maintenance package with Abbott Informatics, then Advanced Analytics updates are provided at no additional charge.  If you are not current with your annual maintenance package, please speak with your account manager. 


Note that we validate the STARLIMS Technology Platform against specific combination of components: STARLIMS runtime, SDMS, and Advanced Analytics.


Therefore, to upgrade your Advanced Analytics version, we recommend you go through a Technology Platform upgrade. This will ensure that your system is using the latest officially released components of STARLIMS Runtime, Advanced Analytics, and SDMS

I downloaded a workbook. How do I add it to my system?

You are halfway there! The next step is to go to your STARLIMS designer, and import the STARLIMS deployment package (SDP). 


Once the workbook is imported, you can grant access to the workbook for specific roles through the Advanced Analytics Management application.

Do you provide these workbooks in languages other than English?

We provide only the English version of each workbook. Like all STARLIMS applications and reports, you can translate the workbooks to any language supported by your system.


Import the workbook in your system, then download it through the STARLIMS designer. Open it in the Advanced Analytics Builder, and then translate the content. It may be necessary to reconfigure the layout after translating. 


Finally, check-out the workbook in the desired language, and replace the workbook with your translated version. Verify your changes before checking-in the workbook.


Users will be able to see the translated workbook in this language.

I have some suggestion to improve these workbooks or ideas for new workbooks.

Great! We would love to hear from you! For existing workbooks, feel free to use the "Leave Feedback" option on the workbook details. We are constantly monitoring the comments and feedback.


If you have good ideas for new workbooks, or have built a new workbook and wish to share it with the STARLIMS community, please contact your account manager to setup a call with our experts and product team.

In Internet Explorer, I see a blank page when I access the Library. 

You probably have compatibility view enabled for "". Go to "Compatibility View Settings", and remove "" from the list.

The library is not launching properly. It's empty, or it has an error message.

Start by checking the library status.


If you cannot reach that address, verify that you do not have rules or software, such as a firewall, within your organization's network blocking access. If this is the case, you will need to contact your organization's IT for support.


If you can reach the status page, and the Library is online, but still cannot access the Library, then please contact support.

I am unable to download a workbook.

Verify that you do not have rules within your organization's network blocking the download of the file, or a pop-up blocker. If you are still having an issue downloading the workbooks (i.e. the download link is not working), please contact support.

I am unable to import a workbook.

Confirm that you have the correct requirements:

  • Supported product version (found in the workbook details in library)
  • Supported Advanced Analytics Server version
  • Supported runtime version.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact support.


I am unable to connect the dashboard to my data because some of my database fields differ from the dashboard.

The dashboards provided in the Library are designed to work seamlessly with out of the box systems which match the release version number on each workbook page.  If you have a customized system, you may have to modify the datasource to match the changes in your system.  Please refer to the Advanced Analytics Builder’s help topic “Replace a Datasource” to find further instructions.

I have downloaded and imported a workbook, but I cannot use it.

After importing the workbook into your system, go to the Advanced Analytics Management application and grant access to your role.

When I try to access the workbook on my system, I get a "Resource Not Found" error.

Start by looking at your STARLIMS user log file. The error should tell you exactly what went wrong. If you do not see an error in the log file, the workbook may still be in the process of being published. Wait a few minutes and try again. 


If it still does not work, or if the error log does not help you, please contact support, and include your STARLIMS user's log file as an attachment. This will help us understand what is happening.


Question unanswered?

Contact support and we will be happy to assist you!

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