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Linasa, partners in the manufacturing industry

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January 10, 2014

Linasa, partners in the manufacturing industry

Working with STARLIMS solution since 2009, LINASA has been able to increase productivity through the automation process and the reduction of error rates. In addition, the data availability and accessibility has allowed them to considerably improve their queries speed in the system.

Industria Jabonera Lina, SAU (LINASA), is a family-run company founded in 1955, which has become one of the main European companies within this sector. The main activity of LINASA is the development and manufacturing of laundry products, in addition to house cleaning and personal hygiene products such as: powdered and liquid detergents, softeners, dishwasher deter-gents and other specialized cleaning products. The products are offered in a variety of qualities and formats, which are packaged for great brands as well as for other manufacturer’s brands and own brands.

The Linasa Group owns and controls 3 production centers in Murcia, Malaga and Algeria. The main factory has an area of 350,000 m2 and is situated in Murcia. Connected to the main communication and transportation networks, this strategic location allows them to supply clients in over 30 countries.

STARLIMS contribution to the laboratory management
  • With STARLIMS, laboratory data is always available and accessible, besides increasing the speed of system queries. Lab staff can quickly access the information, which allows them to make appropriate decisions (decrease by 60% of the time spent earlier on it)
  • Login errors have been reduced by 90% through the unification of concepts and characters.
  • With STARLIMS, they keep samples traceability besides having a fully auditable system.
  • STARLIMS has an interface with a system that generates safety data sheets for the products being manufactured. This means, LINASA starts from a formula with different ingredients and chemical components, it is sent to an external system that returns the safety data sheet that may be attached to the products as they are manufactured.
  • For all packaging materials, there is an statistics sample management module in STARLIMS, which allows the LIMS to, depending on the product and provider, decide automatically the samples that need to be collected as well as the tests to be done. This greatly improves the users’ management time by 80%.

LINASA, Partners in the manufacturing industry

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What Customers Say

"It has improved the management and the sample workflows, allowing us to have better resources planning."

Sebastián Javaloy Pintado
Responsible for the technical department at LINASA

"The LIMS solution is connected with our production systems and materials reception at the storage. This means a fundamental advance in the quality control processes of the company, as well as a greater information exchange among systems."

David Martínez Baños
IT department

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