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STARLIMS Solution at the US Air Force Petroleum Agency

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March 2, 2012

Abbott Informatics STARLIMS Solution at the US Air Force Petroleum Agency

The US Air Force Petroleum Agency uses Abbott Informatics STARLIMS solution to support fuel quality for space and aviation programs from manufacturing all the way to the battlefield.

AFPA Challenges STARLIMS Provides AFPA Results

De-centralized databases greatly impacted quality surveillance of fuel system infrastructure

Weeks required in identifying source of quality failures

A centralized web-based system with a single database structure and real time notification of quality issues

95% reduction in time required to process off-spec test results

Resolution of quality failures possible within minutes of data release

Sample tracking and report generation slow, labor intensive and expensive

Managers must respond to dozens of sample status calls per week

Easily accessible sample tracking and test status information 

15% time savings for each manager

Real-time report distribution via e-mail

Sample status available instantly without manager involvement 

Test methods and specs updated manually at all testing sites Single point administration of methods and specs information

1 person-year of support eliminated

Unified method and specification versions ensure consistency of testing process

Inconsistent nomenclature severely limited reporting of testing metrics

Lack of standardized results data shifted decision making emphasis to subjective management experience

A harmonized system with consistent nomenclature

Standardized assays, specifications and product testing plans

Accurate, standardized and accessible data ultimately gives managers the confidence for go/no go decisions all the way to the war fighter
One month required to manually merge sample data with main system Automated and web based results entry in real time

Data consolidation occurs real-time

Data merging completely eliminated

Harmonization the Key
  • A full person-year of system support eliminated by harmonizing specs and methods in real time
  • 3000 users rely on easy browser-based access for data entry
  • Data consolidation time trimmed from one month to real-time


Better Product Quality
  • Accelerated fuel release keeps the United States moving through space, air, sea, and land


Streamlined Communication
  • Rapid identification of problems with fuels and pilot oxygen supplies critical results efficiently


Highest Level of Data Security
  • Certification under the rigorous Department of Defense DIACAP standards ensures data security

Abbott Informatics STARLIMS Solution at the US Air Force Petroleum Agency

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What Customers Say

"Security features embedded in STARLIMS protect critical information while ensuring that our laboratory results are transmitted immediately over secure internet connections."

Roy Wurzbach
Chief, Aerospace Fuels Laboratory, Vandenberg AFB CA.

"STARLIMS centrally manages samples and streamlines associated laboratory processes to allow us to provide real-time analytical quality data and has greatly enhanced our ability to serve as service control point for all aerospace fuels and related products for AF weapon systems worldwide."

Dave Fisher
Chief, Laboratory Division, Air Force Petroleum Agency

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