LIMS - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a laboratory information management system (LIMS)?

As laboratories grow and evolve, needs change regarding the management of data. A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS software) manages data, allowing users a real time look at what’s happening to ensure a laboratory’s efficiency and effectiveness is maximized. A LIMS software is used to manage the collection, processing, storage, retrieval and analysis of information generated in laboratories. It also supports collaboration across a laboratory and helps to ensure the quality, regulatory compliance and safety of products in development.

What are the advantages of using a LIMS?

With a Laboratory Information Management System - LIMS software - laboratories can automate workflows, minimize manual tasks and reduce the risk of data collection and transcription errors. And, most important, for organizations in highly-regulated industries, it can enhance compliance and quality while making your laboratory more efficient and effective. STARLIMS is an ideal LIMS for progressive organizations looking to better connect to organization-wide data to greatly impact productivity. It can integrate with a variety of organizational systems to most efficiently collect and manage laboratory data.


STARLIMS is a comprehensive solution suite which has the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) as the centerpiece. Coupled with ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook), SDMS, (Scientific Data Management System), Mobile capabilities (access your lab on smartphones or tablets from virtually anywhere) and Advanced Analytics (see and understand your data), STARLIMS is an integrated solution that helps you move from managing data in silos to delivering integrated, meaningful, and intelligent information that supports lab workflow and business value.

What are the benefits of a LIMS?

The implementation of a LIMS can support organizations to:

  • Increase efficiency (move to a paperless lab, improve resources management & optimization and improve access to quality data across the organization)
  • Reduce errors (integration with enterprise systems & instruments, automation of processes avoiding manual data entry)
  • Centralize & retain data (data readily available - searchable for fast decision making)
  • Ensure regulatory compliance (support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and other regulatory guidelines, data integrity)
Who uses a LIMS?

Safeguarding data, faster product release, and improved compliance with the implementation of a LIMS can benefit the entire company, but certain stakeholders can derive specific benefits:

  • Quality Control: QC personnel are invested in data accuracy and completeness of testing. Modern commercial LIMS provide field-level data authentication to trap entries inconsistent with pre-established rules. Reproducibility in calculations is a critical concern as well as ensuring that all required testing has been completed within prescribed limits.
  • Lab Supervisors: Supervisory personnel are responsible for first level review. A LIMS can queue up work to be reviewed and notify supervisors of impending review tasks. Work assignments and laboratory workload balancing are also functions capable of being monitored and managed within a LIMS, and the automation of these tasks greatly improves supervisor productivity.
  • Quality Assurance:  For QA personnel, the LIMS supplies the tools that facilitate the implementation of QA policies, ensure that regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR 11 are met, and allow for quick access to information to respond to audit requests.
  • Laboratory Personnel: The fundamental axiom held by LIMS users is that the software can make their lives easier and increase user workload.  
Does STARLIMS have industry expertise?

For more than 35 years in the LIMS business, STARLIMS has been deployed in top companies in the life sciences, pharma & biotech, chemical & refining, food & beverage, manufacturing, environmental, public health and forensics sectors, with industry specific workflows. Strong references and over 900 global implementations.

My company does not have an IT infrastructure to support me with the maintenance of our LIMS. Can starlims team do it for me?

Partnering with AWS (Amazon Web Services), STARLIMS offers state-of-the-art cloud solutions that ensures availability, scalability, security, and data privacy. We manage the system and ensure it is maintained, including patching, malware protection and backups, so you can focus on running your business. 


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