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Support Your Entire Product Lifecycle With A Powerful Platform For The Documentation And Management Of Lab Information

One Data Management Solution For Your Entire Product Lifecycle

Meet the integrated data management solution that will change the way you manage and process lab data across your organization. The Integrated Solution is a combination of STARLIMS products, with our powerful LIMS as the centerpiece.

The foundation of the Integrated Solution, our LIMS expertly handles complex processes, supports regulatory compliance, and promotes collaboration within your lab and among labs around the world.

Depending on your lab’s needs, you can add any or all of the offerings below as part of your organization’s tailored Integrated Solution:

Easily pull structured and unstructured data from various scientific documents and laboratory instruments so you can access data quickly and easily.

Eliminate paper notebooks in a controlled way that increases efficiency, reduces error rates, and promotes regulatory compliance.

View and analyze real-time lab data through intuitive graphs and tables to confidently make decisions that support a lab’s success. 

Use smartphones or tablets to track inventory, manage user access, review KPIs, and more without being in the office.