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From R&D to manufacturing to quality compliance, our informatics solutions support your entire product lifecycle. Invest in a LIMS solution with a flexible, modular design that will transform the your lab works.


Create Enterprise-Wide Efficiency

Whether your lab has one site or multiple sites, it’s vital that you gather, see, and analyze all the data available to make key decisions. STARLIMS solutions offer a balance between flexibility, functionality, and usability for data management. Workflow and sample collection processes are automated and streamlined across the entire organization. Features can be configured to meet a specific site’s needs, while seamlessly integrating with your lab instruments and other internal systems. The immediate results? Increased productivity, faster turnaround times, and delivery of valuable insights for critical-decision making.

STARLIMS Centralized Global Data With Fast User Adoption

Quality Control

Increase Quality Throughout

Your business depends on the quality of your products. And that starts with a strong foundation of quality in your LIMS. STARLIMS solutions provide labs with the data visualizations to identify bottlenecks, resolve quality control issues, and see trends and patterns instantaneously. React and resolve sample and product workflow issues quickly. Be confident that you can get products to market faster without compromising quality and safety.