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Revolutionizing Research: Enhancing Experiment Efficiency with an ELN

In the fast-paced world of Research & Development (R&D), leaders face a myriad of challenges – volatile market and geopolitical landscapes, regulatory changes, and the ever-growing pressure to innovate quickly and cost effectively. 84% of R&D leaders say it is critical to reduce product development cycle times, yet 90% of scientists report recording their experiments on paper, slowing innovation and development.  

Join the scientists behind the Labstep ELN from STARLIMS, Jake Schofield and Barney Walker, in an engaging exploration of the history of scientific documentation, the importance of data quality, and the benefits of using modern ELN technology to advance innovation. Tune in for valuable insights tailored for heads of R&D, research scientists, and lab technicians.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The Modern R&D Challenge: In Introduction to the Current Innovation Landscape 
  • Dive Deep into Data Quality and How It Can Increase R&D Output 
  • Q&A with Jake Schofield and Barney Walker 
  • Practical Strategies: Gain Actionable Takeaways and Practical Strategies for Streamlining Science and Experiment Data Capture 


Jake Schofield – Founder, Labstep, a STARLIMS Company

Jake Schofield, founder and CEO of Labstep, pioneers software solutions for scientists. Trained in Biomedical Science at University of Sussex, it was during his time in the academic research lab that he began to envision a software for scientists that would alleviate the challenges of paper notetaking and outdated laboratory software systems. Leaving academia, he began his career working for a bioinformatics startup, gaining exposure and insights as to the needs faced by R&D team at large companies. He launched the development of Labstep ELN, successfully raising multiple rounds of investment and getting backing from companies such as Google. Jake is a visionary leader on a mission to help scientists simplify the scientific process.

Barney Walker – Head of Labstep ELN Product

Having served his time at the lab-bench both during his undergraduate and master’s studies in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and throughout his PhD in Synthetic Biology at Imperial College London, Barney Walker saw firsthand how outdated R&D practices hinder innovation. This experience influenced his mission of creating software, not only to make life easier for those at the lab bench, but also to accelerate the scientific breakthroughs that benefit society. His work on the Labstep ELN spans 5 years, shaping it into a vital R&D tool. As Head of Product, he drives the vision and roadmap, dedicated to innovating and solving scientists’ challenges.