A laptop computer displays the modern, intuitive ELN by Labstep, a STARLIMS company.


R&D can be a complex and uncertain process that comes with risk, time constraints, and intellectual property concerns. Your Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) should help improve those challenges, not add to them. Ideate, create, and protect your IP with Labstep, a Starlims company.

There’s Evidence in the Data

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Save Time

Researchers using Labstep reduce administration time by 17% and project duration by over 50%.

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Reduce Costs

Researchers using Labstep gain 75% more value with 20% less cost.

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Grow and Scale

Our customers reduce time to market by over 18% and improve productivity by over 20%.

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Uncover the Power of Real-Time Data

Labstep is a modern, R&D cloud ELN platform that uses interactive step-by-step protocols as templates for data collection to capture all of your research’s relevant data and metadata in real-time. Our ELN streamlines laboratory work, delivers real-time collaboration, and enhances data integrity and security. Built by scientists, for scientists, our ELN delivers connected laboratory execution software that accelerates the research process and guides organizations towards a digital future.