A laptop computer displays the modern, intuitive Electronic Laboratory Notebook by Labstep, a STARLIMS company.

Electronic Laboratory Notebook – ELN

R&D can be a complex process that comes with risk, time constraints, and intellectual property (IP) concerns. Your Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) should help remove those challenges, not add to them. Create, collaborate, and protect your IP with the Labstep ELN.

There’s Evidence in the Data

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Researchers using Labstep reduce administration time by 17% and project duration by over 50%.

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Researchers using Labstep gain 75% more value with 20% less cost.

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Our customers reduce time to market by over 18% and improve productivity by over 20%.

Implement and fully onboard in as little as one day with Labstep.

Improve Data Quality, Integrity, and Traceability with Real-Time Capture

Labstep is a modern, R&D cloud ELN software system that uses interactive step-by-step protocols as templates for data collection to capture and structure all your research’s data and metadata in real-time. Our platform helps keep laboratory data structured, clean, and traceable in one secure environment, so modern R&D labs can better execute experiments, simplify compliance, and protect their IP.

One Environment, Unlimited Possibilities

Eliminate data transfer by centralizing your lab notebook, protocols, samples, inventory, devices, and order management in one place with our fully connected, Labstep ELN software system. Whether you’re doing molecular, chemical, biological, or other scientific research, our solution has the templates and calculation engines you need to do multidisciplinary science in one system.

With version-controlled interactive protocols, full-featured inventory management, and easy integration with other instruments and devices, managing and executing complex experiments has never been simpler than with the STARLIMS electronic laboratory notebook.

Scientists collaborate using ELN software system

Collaborate Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

The Labstep electronic laboratory notebook is a cloud-based web app that allows for collaboration no matter where you are. Global teams across any scientific discipline can share workspaces, collaborate on experiments, manage samples, and communicate in real time, accelerating R&D and eliminating the inefficiencies that slow research down. STARLIMS’s modern and intuitive interface is easy to adopt and delivers the transparent, knowledge sharing capabilities your team needs to get science done faster.

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Carl Brown, Scientist, Sherlock Biosciences

Marianna Mirabelli, Director of Clinical Development, Elypta

Peter Baillie-Benson, Senior Laboratory Research Scientist, Francis Crick Institute

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