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RenBio Reimagines Antibody Therapeutics with the Labstep ELN from STARLIMS

June 7, 2024

RenBio reimagines the way antibody therapeutics can be produced and delivered by creating a delivery platform that takes advantage of the body’s ability to produce any given antibody or therapeutic protein when provided with a precise set of genetic instructions.

Learn how RenBio has transformed their R&D lab operations, by securely centralizing all research data within the Labstep ELN from STARLIMS.


  • RenBio‘s growth necessitated a centralized, uniform solution for capturing and analyzing research and experiment data.
  • RenBio‘s research teams hoped to accelerate research outcomes by collaborating across teams.
  • RenBio sought a system to help them store, retrieve, and provide seamless access to legacy experiment and research data.
  • The company needed a singular, interconnected system that could be used company-wide, from the lab to the boardroom.


  • The Labstep ELN provided a cloud-based solution that securely centralized all research data and made it accessible by authorized members, empowering teams to collaborate.
  • The Labstep ELN enabled interconnectivity to external software and instruments for in-depth analysis.
  • The modern, intuitive solution enabled quick onboarding and was seamlessly implemented across the entire organization.

All our data is now entered in Labstep and is easy to find. It’s much easier than hard copy lab notebooks because everyone can access the data from their own computer.

Rachel Liberatore, President & Chief Scientific Officer, Renbio


  • Centralized, secure research data storage and retrieval
  • Experiment data capture, now automated and standardized
  • Single point-of-collaboration for research teams
  • Enabled cohesive and linked processes across the lab
  • Secure, accessible, and traceable experiment records
The Chinese character “ren” means people and humanity.
RenBio was founded on the principle that the remarkable medical benefits of antibody therapeutics should be available to everyone.