Environmental science scientists collecting water samples outside and using STARLIMS software on a mobile tablet

The Environmental Sciences Informatics Platform

We all need to do our part to protect our planet and for us, that starts in the lab. The Starlims Environmental Science LIMS, ELN, LES, & SDMS software is tailored to help support and simplify the compliance needs of local, regional, and international environmental testing and contract laboratories, from reservoir to tap.

Scientist wearing safety uniform and glove under working water analysis and water quality by testing waste water.

Deliver Traceability and Simplified Compliance

By supporting the daily functions of a multidisciplinary laboratory, Starlims helps enable full traceability of environmental testing results to known standards and quality assurance parameters throughout the entire sample lifecycle. Guide users through pre-defined steps to support SOPs and simplify compliance. Use preconfigured EPA methodologies or configure other environmental international methodologies to improve operations. With the Environmental LIMS, ELN, LES, & SDMS software, you can also track and manage testing certifications so that methodologies are followed according to EPA and other international standard methods.

Our Solutions

Woman lab employee reviews data in the STARLIMS laboratory information management system (LIMS) for R&D and Quality Manufacturing.


With the LIMS software, improve lab operations by automating processes throughout the entire sample lifecycle, from scheduling and sample login to reporting. Document, manage, and track your entire inventory, including media, standards, reagents, and consumables. Extract and analyze critical information, as well as configure and create triggers that help your staff navigate testing and handle pathways defined by your best practices. And with the ability to access the sample’s entire history, including audit trails and e-signature information, you can simplify compliance and deliver accurate results.

A researcher ideates and creates experiments using the ELN created by Labstep, a STARLIMS company


Ideate, create, and protect your IP in a modern, intuitive ELN created by scientists, for scientists. By eliminating paper-based methods, you can develop advanced formulas and calculations, record unstructured data, and support deeper R&D initiatives in an accessible, secure environment that allows you to collaborate in real-time.

Laboratory worker works on a computer system with the STARLIMS scientific data management system (SDMS).


SDMS is designed to simplify documentation management with a collaborative, central repository. It also allows you to easily integrate with PDF-based testing equipment. With SDMS, you can manage the lifecycle of your critical laboratory and quality documentation, while also pulling in data from HPLCs, CGs, and other instruments. Capture, parse, store, and organize any scientific document, and automatically extract data to be recorded and traced with your LIMS. With all your documents and data stored in one place, you can avoid data silos, improve document management, and easily collaborate with teams around the world.

Woman lab worker reviews STARLIMS Advanced Analytics on a computer in the Laboratory

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics helps you make critical decisions faster, with better data. Our solution helps you improve data analysis and lab efficiencies by identifying the trends, patterns, and bottlenecks that are slowing you down. With out-of-the-box KPIs, you can start analysis quickly for better lab productivity or build your own KPIs to fit the needs of your lab.