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Customer Stories

See how our customers are using Starlims to tackle industry challenges and improve their businesses.

Research, experiment and testing being done by a scientist in a lab

Sasol Embarks on Journey to Digitalize Laboratory Operations with STARLIMS

Sasol has transformed lab operations for enhanced productivity and data traceability with STARLIMS.

Scientist looking through a microscope in the laboratory

DuPont Consolidates R&D Laboratory Testing with Starlims

DuPont has increased productivity, collaboration, and data security and is continuing to expand with the STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Informatics Platform across its R&D laboratory ecosystem.

Laboratory professional uses microscopes to test clinical sample

Dr Lal PathLabs Leverages Decade-Long Partnership with Starlims to Support Future Expansion

The company was looking to overhaul its laboratory informatics system and deploy a new solution that would support coordinated management of laboratory operations across every LPL site.

Hands of worker working with digital tablet check product on the conveyor belt in the beverage factory.

Carabao Selects Starlims to Digitalize Energy Drink Quality Control Testing

Over the last few years, Carabao has made major investments in production equipment to manufacture the high-quality products expected by its global consumers.

Cofee Manufacturing

Global Coffee and Tea Company Improves Quality Operations with Starlims

The company was looking to overhaul its laboratory informatics system and deploy a new solution that would support coordinated management of lab operations.

Quality Control Laboratory pharmaceuticals

Sai Life Optimizes Global Data Management Through Collaboration with STARLIMS

In search of the optimization and standardization of instrument data, results, and file storage, Sai Life wanted to have a comprehensive and centralized data management tool to work together with their existing systems without the need of replacing them.

Teddy Lab Partners with STARLIMS to Better Serve Clinical Research and Medical Testing Globally

For Teddy Lab, how to set up a database and transfer data, including report transfer, data transfer between enterprise systems, and external data transfer in various formats, was the major conside- ration in purchasing a LIMS.

Young researcher workin with chemical samples in laboratory with HPLC system and chromatography equipment.

Starlims SDMS Helped ImClone Cut Costs and Boost Productivity

ImClone, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eli Lilly, is a leader in the research, development and manufacturing of oncology drugs. The manufacture of pharmaceutical products is a complex process requiring multiple validation checks necessary to ensure patients get a safe and efficacious product.

STARLIMS Helps Douglas Pharmaceuticals on its Lean Journey to Smart Labs

Douglas Pharmaceuticals, located in New Zealand, is a rapidly expanding pharmaceutical company with a reputation for high manufacturing standards, quality products and outstanding client service.

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