Public health scientist using STARLIMS software to perform lab tests

Protect the Health of the Population

With public health laboratories at the epicenter of disease detection, surveillance, response, and management, it’s critical they have the most secure, comprehensive, and compliant systems possible to deliver results quickly. From automated processes and simplified compliance to seamless sample collection and handling, Starlims enables public health labs to stay ahead of potential global health risks with LIMS, ELN, & SDMS software.

Get Results with Starlims

From sample management and monitoring, to automating lab processes and simplifying compliance, Starlims removes the inefficiencies that slow you down.

Laboratory manager or technician organizing, sorting, and packing sample vials into a holder working at a lab.

Improve Sample Management

We help you accurately collect, handle, and process specimens throughout their entire lifecycle by streamlining lab operations, improving data management, and closely monitoring progress.

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Increase Productivity

By optimizing lab resources and processes, automating repetitive tasks, simplifying testing procedures, and expanding your testing capacity, we help your organization grow while maintaining a manageable cost base.

Corporate regulations and compliance concept. Laws, rules, requirements, and regulations.

Simplify Compliance & Reduce Risk

We help you reach your compliance goals by allowing you to capture, track, and report on the necessary data needed to meet regulatory requirements.

The Public Health
Informatics Platform

A female chemist is working solo in lab. The woman is holding up a small vial of blood and is analyzing the medical sample. She is wearing a lab coat and protective gloves.

Take the complexity out of your laboratory operations with the Starlims Public Health Informatics Platform. Our LIMS, ELN, & SDMS software helps you collect, handle, and process specimens throughout their entire lifecycle for streamlined data collection and more accurate results. From improved sample management and increased lab productivity, to better reporting and simplified compliance, learn how Starlims helps public health laboratories deliver the accurate results that protect our global population.