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Support Contract Testing Throughout The Entire Product Lifecycle

Being able to meet the ever-evolving needs of your customers across multiple different industries is hard, especially in the face of operational inefficiencies, stringent compliance requirements, labor shortages, and productivity issues. Starlims helps contract laboratories automate laboratory processes and workflows, enable compliance, and expedite samples with contract testing LIMS, ELN, LES, & SDMS software so you can help your customers succeed while growing your business.

Get Results with Starlims

From expediting sampling notification and optimizing lab processes, to simplifying compliance and streamlining collaboration, Starlims removes the inefficiencies that slow you down.

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Accelerate Innovation to NPI

By making the creation of your test methods more straightforward and facilitating a quicker transfer from R&D to quality control and manufacturing, we help you swiftly transform your ideas from concept to tangible outputs.

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Expedite Batch Release

By breaking down departmental silos, interconnecting systems, and boosting operational effectiveness, we enable you to speed up batch release to get to market faster.

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Increase Productivity

By improving lab processes, automating monotonous tasks, making testing procedures more straightforward, and boosting your testing capacity, we support your organization’s development via contract testing LIMS while ensuring a sustainable cost framework.

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Simplify Compliance & Reduce Risk

Whether aimed at regulatory, customer, or internal compliance, we support your efforts to gather, automate, monitor, and compile the necessary data, procedures, and documentation essential for achieving your compliance targets.

The R&D/Quality Manufacturing Informatics Platform

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Providing a full range of services and support to your customers while also trying to efficiently manage your lab is a big ask. Our R&D/Quality Manufacturing Informatics Platform helps contract laboratories meet increasing expectations by improving sample tracking and management, providing better data analysis, and speeding turnaround times with our contract testing LIMS, ELN, LES, & SDMS software so that your customers can expedite batches while you scale your organization.