Young scientist working in the laboratory with clinical lab informatics software

The Clinical Lab Informatics Platform

As the volume of patient samples increases, testing becomes more complex, and resource constraints impact productivity, simplifying laboratory operations has never been more critical. The STARLIMS Clinical LIMS Informatics Software helps you streamline operations, better manage sample testing, and speed turnaround times to help you deliver accurate results faster.

Medical professional showing testing results on tablet screen through the use of clinical LIMS software to older female patient.

Improve Sample Management Throughout the Entire Lifecycle

As your specimen database grows, so does the expectation of effectively meeting quality, compliance, and patient standards. The Starlims Clinical Lab Informatics Platform helps you collect, handle, track, and process specimens throughout the entire sample lifecycle. Simplify compliance and deliver better sample accuracy, traceability, and reporting with automated laboratory processes. And with the ability to quickly modify workflows, it’s never been easier to manage specimen inventory and storage.

Our Solutions

Laboratory manager tracks testing samples using STARLIMS laboratory information management system (LIMS) for Clinical Labs.


The Starlims Clinical LIMS software allows you to quickly modify laboratory workflows, such as specimen collection, receiving, testing and processing, storage location management, querying, and referral. Easily view lab data that helps you manage inventories, storage, specimen usage and movement, specimen placement and removal, test assignments, and more. With the Clinical Lab Informatics Platform, you can also manage chain of custody with electronic signatures, customer billing, and invoicing for specimen shipping, processing, and testing.

A researcher ideates and creates experiments using the ELN created by Labstep, a STARLIMS company


Ideate, create, and protect your IP in a modern, intuitive ELN created by scientists, for scientists. By eliminating paper-based methods, you can develop advanced formulas and calculations, record unstructured data, and support deeper R&D initiatives in an accessible, secure environment that allows you to collaborate in real-time.

Laboratory technician working at the tablet


One of the biggest challenges for laboratory staff is executing testing, and ensuring SOPs and work instructions are being followed while away from the bench. With LES on our Clinical Lab Informatics Platform, you can easily structure your data collection and testing to match your SOPs, allowing you to streamline lab operations, improve data accuracy, and make better decisions faster. With the intuitive mobile touch-screen interface, you can quickly execute testing anytime, anywhere, and beyond the bench knowing your procedures are being followed correctly.

Laboratory worker works on a computer system with the STARLIMS scientific data management system (SDMS).


SDMS is designed to simplify documentation management with a collaborative, central repository. It also allows you to easily integrate with PDF-based testing equipment. With SDMS, you can manage the lifecycle of your critical laboratory and quality documentation, while also pulling in data from HPLCs, CGs, and other instruments. Capture, parse, store, and organize any scientific document, and automatically extract data to be recorded and traced with your Clinical LIMS software. With all your documents and data stored in one place, you can avoid data silos, improve document management, and easily collaborate with teams around the world.

Woman lab worker reviews STARLIMS Advanced Analytics on a computer in the Laboratory

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics helps you make critical decisions faster, with better data. Our solution helps you improve data analysis and lab efficiencies by identifying the trends, patterns, and bottlenecks that are slowing you down. With out-of-the-box KPIs, you can start analysis quickly for better lab productivity or build your own KPIs to fit the needs of your lab.