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STARLIMS Unveils Advanced Analytics 2.0

April 30, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of STARLIMS Advanced Analytics 2.0, our new Advanced Analytics platform that allows customers to make critical decisions faster with better data.

With a more powerful analytics engine and new capabilities like natural language processing (NLP), Advanced Analytics 2.0 will help customers make better, data-driven business decisions that improve laboratory operations and allow their organizations to drive revenue faster.

Advanced Analytics 2.0: Make Critical Decisions Faster With Better Data

As part of the STARLIMS informatics platform, Advanced Analytics 2.0 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud-based analytics solution that enables deeper data analysis with user-friendly, responsive, and configurable dashboards. With features like dynamic reporting, advanced statistical analysis, and data visualization tools, customers can improve laboratory efficiencies by optimizing processes, and identifying the trends, patterns, and bottlenecks that slow them down.

What’s New in Advanced Analytics 2.0

There’s a lot to be excited about with STARLIMS Advanced Analytics 2.0! With powerful analytics capabilities and a seamless in-application experience, Advanced Analytics 2.0 puts data back in control of the customer. Here are some of the key new features:

Get Insights Delivered at Your Fingertips Fast With a Powerful, New Engine

Traditional, query-based architecture can stop you from getting true value out of your data. Advanced Analytics 2.0 is powered by a new and powerful associative engine that allows users to explore data freely without predefined queries. Make unexpected discoveries, uncover insights fast, and leverage all the data you have with our new associative engine.

Do More than Just a Search With Natural Language Processing

Basic search boxes are a thing of the past. Advanced Analytics 2.0 uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver a full exploratory experience that understands the user’s intent. With NLP, customers can ask questions in their normal/natural language and Advanced Analytics will generate related fields, data values, and dashboards, as well as additional suggested insights to provide more context – creating a whole new way to fully understand your data.

Uncover Real-Time Data Analysis With In-Memory Processing

Imagine being able to analyze large datasets in real-time without the need for complex indexing or pre-aggregation. With Advanced Analytics 2.0, that’s a reality. Load and manipulate data fast with advanced in-memory processing.

Create Visually Stunning, Easy-to-Use Dashboards With a Modern UX

Advanced Analytics 2.0’s modern, intuitive user interface allows users to analyze their data in a flexible and configurable environment. Easy-to-use drag and drop functionality combined with our NPL engine makes creating visual dashboards and drill-down analytics a breeze.

These highlights just scratch the surface of the features and capabilities of our new Advanced Analytics 2.0 solution. We’re sure that you’ll discover tons of other favorite features once you start using it!

Learn More About Advanced Analytics 2.0 Today

With information pouring into the lab from all directions, being able to effectively draw insights from your data can help you identify the trends and patterns that will drive more ROI. Advanced Analytics 2.0 is the solution that can help get you there.

Reach out to your sales representative to learn more today.