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Improve Clinical Sample Testing & Management

Clinical laboratories play a critical role in delivering the information that drives better medical decisions and improved patient outcomes. However, strict regulatory requirements, rising patient expectations, and an increasing volume of sample testing has made it challenging for clinical laboratories to quickly and efficiently deliver results. Starlims helps you manage samples throughout the entire specimen lifecycle with our clinical lab management software, including LIMS, ELN, LES, & SDMS software, so that you can focus on providing the quick and accurate results patients deserve.

Get Results with Starlims

From sample management and monitoring, to automating lab processes and simplifying compliance, Starlims removes the inefficiencies that slow you down.

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Improve Sample Management

Clinical laboratory management software helps you accurately collect, handle, and process specimens throughout their entire lifecycle by streamlining lab operations, improving data management, and closely monitoring progress.

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Increase Productivity

By automating repetitive tasks, simplifying testing procedures, and expanding your testing capacity, we help your organization grow while maintaining a manageable cost base.

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Simplify Compliance & Reduce Risk

We help you reach your compliance goals by allowing you to capture, track, and report on the necessary data needed to meet regulatory requirements.

The Clinical Informatics Platform

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One of the biggest pressures clinical laboratories face is to continuously grow the amount of samples they can process and number of customers they can serve without increasing costs or response times. The Starlims Laboratory Management Software includes LIMS, ELN, LES, & SDMS software that helps you collect, handle, and process specimens throughout their entire lifecycle for more streamlined data collection and faster results. By automating workflows and reporting with our platform, you can boost productivity, improve collaboration, and simplify compliance to quickly deliver the information needed for improved patient care, medical research, and disease detection.