STARLIMS LES helps you execute testing away from the lab bench on mobile devices.

Laboratory Execution System – LES

Some of the biggest challenges in the lab today are making sure there is always a continuous flow of data, and being able to easily follow SOPs and work instructions anywhere, anytime, and away from your core technology tools. Elevate your laboratory’s operational capabilities with STARLIMS Laboratory Execution System (LES), designed to optimize your lab workflows.

Streamline lab operations, improve data accuracy, and make better decisions faster by enforcing test method execution at the bench, and beyond.

Maximize Efficiency with the STARLIMS LES 

Our LES is engineered to support complex workflows, driving precision and efficiency in every task. By integrating STARLIMS laboratory execution system into your lab’s ecosystem, you unlock a new level of control and oversight, making it the ideal choice for laboratories committed to excellence.  

Extend your LIMS beyond the bench with our mobile touchscreen interface.

Update data in real time. Connect with your LIMS for a complete view of your lab data ecosystem.

Reduce manual effort and increase throughput by enforcing work instructions and SOPs.

A man with a hard hat reviews STARLIMS Laboratory Execution Systems outside a chemical plant.

Improve Data Flow, Accuracy, and Integrity

Our Laboratory Execution System streamlines laboratory operations, improves data accuracy, and helps you make better decisions, faster. With the ability to easily document work in real-time, LES enables SOP compliance, improves efficiency, and reduces transcription errors.

Our Laboratory Execution System system is intuitive and easy to use, making it effortless for lab teams to quickly adopt and start seeing results.

Manufacturers using STARLIMS LES as they operate equipment.

Extend the LIMS Beyond the Bench

STARLIMS Laboratory Execution System extends your LIMS beyond the lab, providing a seamless, mobile-optimized system that helps your team efficiently follow and execute SOPs with ease. LES provides support for your laboratory team, so processes are conducted according to predefined methods and standards, enhancing productivity and simplifying compliance.

Transform Laboratory Operations

By integrating into the R&D Quality Manufacturing LIMS or Clinical LIMS, LES allows you to automatically capture data from instruments and devices, quickly review and approve tests before data is sent to the LIMS, and track and manage samples and reagents.

Our Laboratory Execution System system is intuitive and easy to use, making it effortless for lab teams to quickly adopt and start seeing results.

With STARLIMS LES, you can empower your laboratory to achieve unparalleled efficiency, setting new benchmarks in laboratory excellence. Discover the power of STARLIMS Laboratory Execution System and redefine what’s possible in your lab operations.