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STARLIMS Celebrates Year as G2 Leader in Lab Informatics

STARLIMS celebrates a year of leading G2 in Lab Informatics – accolades for ELN, LIMS, and SDMS.

RenBio Reimagines Antibody Therapeutics with the Labstep ELN from STARLIMS

Rebio’s growth necessitated a centralized, uniform solution for capturing and analyzing research and experiment data. Enter Labstep.

Bioenvision Technology Pioneers Green Solutions Powered by the Labstep ELN from STARLIMS

Bioenvision Technology pioneers sustainable solutions to leading technology and material providers worldwide. With Labstep ELN from STARLIMS, Bioenvision Technology has achieved comprehensive and secure sample traceability, from development to dispatch.

Should You Use a LIMS or a LIS? Choosing the Right Solution for Your Lab

Laboratory information management plays a vital role in the accuracy and reliability of testing results. Learn the difference between LIMS and LIS.

STARLIMS Unveils Advanced Analytics 2.0

Presenting STARLIMS Advanced Analytics 2.0, with a more powerful analytics engine and new capabilities, like natural language processing.

STARLIMS Spends 4 Quarters as G2 Leader in Lab Informatics

STARLIMS has maintained its position as G2 leading Lab Informatics provider for four consecutive quarters, leading in ELN, LIMS, and SDMS.

Elypta Accelerates R&D for Cancer Detection with the Labstep ELN from STARLIMS

Elypta is on a mission to revolutionize early cancer detection with a pioneering metabolism-based liquid biopsy. Elypta’s research relies heavily on the simultaneous analysis of thousands of samples, posing significant challenges in managing, updating, and tracking these effectively.

Looking for a LIMS? Here Are the Top 5 Elements to Consider

Homegrown systems and disconnected data silos decrease productivity and elevate risk. LIMS are essential for lab productivity.

STARLIMS Unveils Next-Generation LIMS for Public Health: Life Sciences for Public Health (LPH) 1.0

We’re happy to announce the launch of Life Sciences for Public Health (LPH) 1.0, a cutting-edge LIMS with an upgrade to HTML5.

2023 Wrapped: STARLIMS Year of Transformation

2023 was a constellation of success, and it’s all thanks to each one of you. As we close this chapter, let’s carry the momentum into a new year of innovation, collaboration, and achieving new heights, together.

Winter 2024 STARLIMS Maintains #1 LIMS Leader G2 Ranking

STARLIMS has maintained its position as G2’s #1 LIMS provider, further solidifying our position as the preferred choice for enterprise companies seeking superior laboratory informatics solutions. This fall, STARLIMS also skyrocketed to the top of G2’s SDMS report as the #1 provider and leader in the space.

The Future of Lab Productivity: Consolidated LIMS

Buried under the weight of inefficient workflows, numerous testing processes, and a deluge of mismanaged data? Find a better path forward…

STARLIMS in Food Manufacturing: Enhancing QC in Food & Beverage

Article in Food Manufacturing on how consolidating LIMS across labs can support F&B.

Sasol Embarks on Journey to Digitalize Laboratory Operations with STARLIMS

Sasol has transformed lab operations for enhanced productivity and data traceability with STARLIMS.