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Bioenvision Technology Pioneers Green Solutions Powered by the Labstep ELN from STARLIMS

May 31, 2024

Bioenvision Technology pioneers sustainable solutions to leading technology and material providers worldwide. With a mission to deliver advanced materials that have a global impact, Bioenvision Technology provides innovative and sustainable solutions in flame retardants, water-repellents, and barrier materials.

With Labstep ELN from STARLIMS, Bioenvision Technology has achieved comprehensive and secure sample traceability, from development to dispatch.


  • Research data was decentralized across multiple resources.
  • Researchers took notes at the lab bench on paper and documented the experiments digitally at their desks, resulting in delays and potential data loss.
  • Without centralized data, researchers faced obstacles when trying to connect the results from synthesis to their application.
  • Bioenvision Technology needed experimental data to be available online to drive increased efficiency.


  • Labstep ELN provided a centralized digital solution that allowed Bioenvision Technology to consolidate their research data.
  • Research teams can now access their experiments from anywhere at any time, resulting in streamlined benchside execution, improved collaboration, and a reduction in duplicated efforts.
  • With Labstep ELN, Bioenvision Technology achieved comprehensive and secure sample traceability, from development to dispatch.

It is now easier for the entire team (including people at home office) to follow a product from the developing step until the application and sending of the sample. It is good for us that all the information is located in one place.

Samer Sahli, Laboratory Engineer, Bioenvision Technology


  • Consolidated, centralized data
  • Interconnected research environment
  • Comprehensive oversight of lab activities
  • Improved inventory management
  • Traceability of every sample
  • Enhanced Data security