Woman lab worker reviews STARLIMS Advanced Analytics on a computer in the Laboratory

Advanced Analytics

With information pouring into the lab from all directions, being able to draw insights from that data can help you identify the trends and patterns that will drive more ROI. Starlims Advanced Analytics helps you make the data-driven decisions that allow you to run laboratories more effectively, while growing your business.

A monitor on a laboratory desk shows STARLIMS Advanced Analytics reporting and data visualizations

Make Critical Decisions Faster, with Better Data

Advanced Analytics delivers deeper data analysis and improves lab efficiencies by identifying trends, patterns, and bottlenecks. With the ability to quickly view and analyze all of your lab data stored within your Starlims solution, you can make better business decisions that improve your organization and drive revenue faster.

Quality control worker reviews tablet computer in a beverage manufacturing facility.

Access Lab Data from Anywhere, Anytime

Create your own visualizations and reports with easy-to-use tools, and access lab data from anywhere, on any device, with responsive dashboards. With out-of-the-box KPIs, you can start analysis quickly for better lab productivity, or build your own KPIs to fit the needs of your lab.