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Starlims Is Pleased to Announce the Release of Starlims LES v1.2

February 7, 2022

What Is Starlims LES?

Starlims LES is a powerful generic workflow engine operated by a modern touch screen user interface. The LES is an ancillary module fully integrated with the Starlims Quality Manufacturing (QM) solution to support the laboratory with documenting important process steps associated with samples and testing materials preparation at the run level.

With the LES module, analysts are going to be able to document in real time their laboratory preparations associated with a product testing run such as sample, standard and solution preparations, and other important steps that need to be documented when processing laboratory samples runs.

The LES module, once configured, allows the analyst to perform the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) also known as method execution in a guided manner, assuring compliance with the procedures and reducing the time necessary for the analyst to document the standard, solution, and sample preparations.

Starlims is pleased to announce the Starlims LES v1.2. This new version includes the following features:

  • Configurable instrument integration for the LES, via the Starlims bridge component
    • Reads values from simple equipment like balances or pH-meter via TCP/IP or RS232 connection directly from within the LES.LES v1.2
    • Equipment can be pre-configured on the sequence or selected at runtime via a new parameter type “connected equipment”.
  • Usability enhancements
    • LES and LIMS may share the same browser session now and re-login is not required if the LES is started directly from the LIMS.
    • Multi-selection in Re-Do step.
    • Different LES sequence templates can be configured now for different sample materials within the same run.
  • Significant performance improvements – particularly when processing large numbers of samples