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Labstep Introduces Status Workflows to Its Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

July 9, 2024

Wednesday, July 9, 2023 – Hollywood, FL – Labstep, a STARLIMS company, today announced the release of Status Workflows for its ELN. This upgraded functionality will give scientists, product developers, and R&D resources greater visibility over the state of their projects, as well as the ability to enforce processes and signature requirements, to support labs in achieving their compliance goals.

The Labstep ELN is a modern cloud R&D platform designed to help product developers and scientists create, collaborate, and protect their IP, all within one secure environment. With Status Workflows, users will get several new features, including:

  • Custom Statuses for Experiments: Quickly and easily identify what stages your experiments are in by giving them customized names, descriptions, and colors.
  • Custom Collaborator Roles: System administrators can now add custom collaborator roles, such as Reviewer, Approver, or Safety Officer, and assign access based on experiment stage.
  • Signature Enforcement: Ensure the correct roles sign off at the appropriate stages of an experiment by setting unique default statements for each role and imposing a time limit for signing. If a sign-off is overdue, the system will trigger automated reminders.
  • Locking Enforcement: Users can now configure workflows to lock experiments automatically once they have been completed.
  • Comments-Only Mode: This feature will allow comments from reviewers and approvers on locked experiments, enabling them to suggest revisions without editing the experiment itself.
  • Auto Assignment: Automatically assign the creators or editors of experiments specific roles to help enforce processes.

“We are pleased to announce the release of Status Workflows for the Labstep ELN,” said Brandon Henning, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer for STARLIMS. “There are many moving parts in the lab, and oftentimes compliance is jeopardized when you’re moving quickly to discover the next breakthrough. These enhanced features will allow product developers and scientists to better enforce laboratory procedures and simplify experiment execution, ultimately helping them reach their product development and compliance initiatives.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Labstep you can book a demo here.

About Labstep

Do more science, less grind. Labstep is the modern R&D cloud Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) platform that’s revolutionizing scientific research by helping customers unlock the power of real-time data. Found in 900+ universities and 65+ companies worldwide, Labstep’s modern, intuitive ELN streamlines laboratory work, delivers real-time data capture and collaboration, and enhances data integrity. Built by scientists, for scientists, our mission is to deliver connected laboratory execution software that accelerates the research process and guides organizations towards a digital future.


As a recognized leader in enterprise informatics solutions, STARLIMS is committed to providing quality products and services to over 1,100 customers across the globe. Found in over 2,000 laboratories, STARLIMS serves Life Sciences, Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs), Food & Beverage, Chemical, Agrochemical, Oil & Gas, Consumer Goods, R&D, Contract Testing, Public Health, and Clinical Diagnostics organizations. With Labstep, a modern and intuitive R&D ELN incorporated into our portfolio, STARLIMS address the critical challenges customers face in finding an advanced platform that supports them from R&D through to commercialization.

Released originally on BusinessWire.