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Starlims, a Historical Partner and Powerful Informatics Software Solution to Help Take the Complexity Out of Your Quality Initiatives

April 13, 2023

*The original article was published at La Gazette.

For over 36 years, the Starlims team has helped hundreds of laboratories and organizations around the world, from R&D to quality control to manufacturing, boost their growth by reducing turnaround times, controlling costs and improving productivity.

A few words about the origin of Starlims and its first solutions?

Starlims Corporation was founded in 1986 by Itschak Friedman with the goal of providing powerful software solutions that help laboratories manage their information needs, enable regulatory compliance, and promote laboratory and enterprise collaboration.

Starlims’ first initial public offering (IPO) was in 1993 in Tel Aviv and in 2007 on NASDAQ. In 2010, Starlims was purchased by Abbott Laboratories and in 2021 was sold to Francisco Partners, a leading global investment firm, and became independent.

Starlims launched its first LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) solution in 1986, followed in 2009 by its SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) and ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) products. Today, in 2023, Starlims innovates again with the launch of Starlims Quality Manufacturing Informatics Platform.

With over 36 years of industry experience, Starlims is invested in delivering the best informatics platform to manufacturers and their entire value chain, for today and for tomorrow.

How is Starlims organized in the world? How many people does the company employ?

Starlims has over 270 full-time employees.

The company’s headquarters in Florida brings together company management, research and development, and North and Latin American operations. European operations are managed by subsidiaries in Madrid (Spain), Alkmaar (Netherlands), Tel Aviv (Israel), Witten (Germany), Manchester (United Kingdom) and Guyancourt (France), which also manage the French-speaking neighboring countries.

What are the main product lines in the Starlims catalog? – Are your products marketed in France only directly or do you also use a network of distributors?

Starlims offers a wide range of products across many industries, but its flagship solution is the Quality Manufacturing Informatics Platform. The Starlims Quality Manufacturing Informatics Platform simplifies complex processes, easily integrates with other tools and systems, and extends data collection beyond the laboratory with a unique system and a single partner. Starlims products are marketed directly in France.

Are customized, custom-developed solutions offered?

While Starlims offers customizations, its out-of-the-box (OOTB) solutions provide faster time to value and lower long-term costs for its customers. Combined with only the necessary configurations needed to drive value, they offer the opportunity to shorten implementation timelines, reduce overhead, and get their products to market faster.

What markets is Starlims designed for?

Starlims focuses on manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, CMO/CDMO, food and beverage, oil and gas, chemicals, agrochemicals, consumer goods, automotive and laboratory services.

Do the Starlims teams develop partnerships with other companies and/or laboratories?

Starlims has a global network of respected partners like AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce (Tableau), Northwest Analytics, and many others, who help Starlims meet changing needs of customers. Furthermore, Starlims understands that different markets have different requirements and its international offices are highly effective in ensuring that its support is strategic, regardless of the region in which its clients operate.

In a few words, to summarize, the strong points of the company Starlims?

With over 36 years of industry experience, Starlims knows how to take the complexity out of managing quality initiatives. By helping them grow revenue faster, achieve and maintain a manageable cost base, and meet compliance goals, Starlims allows them to focus on what really matters: getting products to market faster.

Starlims’ objectives for 2023?

One of Starlims’ main objectives for this year is to extend its market leadership position in manufacturing by continuing to invest in its Quality Manufacturing Informatics Platform. This will enable manufacturers as well as their manufacturing ecosystem partners to get new products to market faster, accelerate batch release, increase quality control and laboratory efficiencies, and help them meet compliance goals.

Recruitments to come at Starlims?

Yes! Starlims is committed to recruiting the best talent from around the world.