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Dr Lal PathLabs Leverages Decade-Long Partnership with Starlims to Support Future Expansion

May 12, 2023

Founded in 1949, Dr Lal PathLabs Ltd (LPL) is India’s largest private clinical diagnostic company. Operating more than 230 laboratories across the globe, LPL offers 4,000+ diagnostic tests, healthcare checks, and services to 25 million customers every year. With a focus on high quality testing, fast turnaround times, and efficiency for patients and physicians, LPL coordinates more than 3,700 patient service centers and 9,000 pickup points throughout India. The company has also expanded into Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

The company was looking to overhaul its laboratory informatics system and deploy a new solution that would support coordinated management of laboratory operations across every LPL site. It was also wanted a platform that would enable complete workflow automation, reporting, and data handling, with integration capabilities into analytical instrumentation, hardware, and software.

Business Challenges

With an outdated legacy Laboratory Information System (LIS) and a rapidly expanding test menu and service portfolio, LPL was having challenges managing data and streamlining laboratory operations. The archaic LIS forced LPL to heavily rely on manual operations at every stage, and the sheer volume and fast-growing throughput of tests caused daily performance issues and slowdowns.

Why the Company Chose Starlims

Ultimately, LPL chose the Starlims LIMS and Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) solutions to effectively manage, streamline, and optimize its laboratory testing and operations at scale. Speaking more about the company’s decision to move away from its previous platform, LPL’s Chief Information Officer, Munender Soperna, said, “I will admit – originally, the thought of replacing the LIS scared the hell out of me. As a business owner, I was so used to managing the lab operations over the earlier LIS, that the thought of putting all the lab operations on a product I was not familiar with – i.e. the Starlims solution – kept on giving me sleepless nights until the time we actually went live with it.”