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DuPont Consolidates R&D Laboratory Testing with Starlims

August 11, 2023

DuPont has increased productivity, collaboration, and data security and is continuing to expand with the Starlims Quality Manufacturing Informatics Platform across its R&D laboratory ecosystem.

With a legacy spanning over 200 years, DuPont has been at the forefront of delivering transformative chemical innovations, revolutionizing industries, and improving lives. With a growing portfolio and a large network of R&D labs worldwide, operational efficiency and collaboration are critical to the company’s success.

Business Challenges

In recent years, DuPont’s portfolio has undergone a significant evolution. While various mergers and business unit consolidations have created significant technological achievements and business growth for the company, getting its new and existing R&D laboratories to collaborate and use the same processes has been a challenge. Historically, individual R&D labs had selected their own Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), resulting in a variety of disparate systems, legacy technologies, and manual processes. The lack of cohesion was increasingly inefficient and resource intensive, requiring a high level of maintenance to support multiple technologies. To overcome these obstacles, DuPont set clear objectives:

  1. Reduce its number of legacy systems with modern platforms appropriate for the specific business need
  2. Create a centralized data management platform for transparency and control
  3. Simplify and streamline internal support

Download the Case Study to Learn Why DuPont Chose STARLIMS

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DuPont works with STARLIMS to consolidate R&D lab testing.