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Get powerful insights throughout your entire product lifecycle. STARLIMS Advanced Analytics provides visual illustrations and analysis of all your lab data so you can make informed decisions.

Advanced Analytics Brochure (PDF, 333.6 KB)

Be Proactive: Make data-driven decisions by being in control of your lab turnaround time with STARLIMS Advanced Analytics dashboards.

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Analytics Capabilities

Our Advanced Analytics solution allows you to view and analyze all the lab data stored in your STARLIMS solution so you can make critical business decisions. Quickly answer questions for root cause analysis, identify bottlenecks causing performance issues and opportunities for improvement, and help build a business case for new resources. Colorful visualizations help lab managers proactively act on facts, apply remediation plans, and see the results of their actions, resulting in a more efficient organization.

Quickly Answer Questions

Don’t wait for others to build or run reports for you. Drill down into lab data on your own to get to the root of issues quickly with powerful visual dashboards.

Plan and Strategize

Gather insights into overall lab trends, including identifying where volume is increasing, where bottlenecks are occurring, and where to add new resources.

Tailored for the Lab

Create your own dashboards and visualizations based on the information you need. Easy-to-use tools make it easy to create a report based on your desired parameters.

Predict What's Next

Make better decisions with our predictive analytics. Map out processes, identify bottlenecks, and improve overall efficiency with all the data available.

See Powerful Visualizations

Visualize lab data in a way that makes sense to you. View data by geographical maps, color-coded lab floor maps, or other layouts to qui