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Advanced Analytics Brochure

January 26, 2016

Laboratory managers are faced with many decisions today. It can be challenging and time consuming to gather data to make informed decisions.

The advantage of having a LIMS is that it stores data about each day’s lab activity. Analyzing this data, looking at trends and patterns over weeks, months or years, can provide insights into the lab operations.

It can help answer questions for root cause analysis, identify opportunities for improvement, identify bottlenecks causing performance issues, and help build a business case for new resources. Put the power of Advanced Analytics to work to quickly provide you with the data you need and the insights into that data to make effective decisions to run your lab.

The Business Of Data

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. You need to know the facts in order to make informed decisions and tangible improvements to your laboratory’s efficiency. But all the data in the world about your lab’s workflow is of no use if you cannot draw meaningful conclusions.

For that reason Starlims set out to provide laboratory professionals a way to visualize their lab process data so they could potentially increase productivity and efficiency, lower costs and identify new opportunities for improving your business. We take all of your lab workflow data and present it in a way that shows the relationships of that data so you can make an informed decision toward a desired goal. Advanced Analytics allows you to transform your data into actionable insights.

From powerful visualizations that more clearly illustrate key activities to predictive analysis capabilities that help you anticipate critical events, Advanced Analytics gives you the insights you need to manage your lab. And when you have better information you can provide a better lab environment for you and your colleagues.

Smarter Lab Optimization

Starlims Advanced Analytics can help you discover what really makes your lab operate. Advanced Analytics maps out your processes, helps you find where bottlenecks may be occurring and ultimately helps you improve overall efficiency. Through predictive analysis you can dig into your data to identify trends and patterns to help you make better decisions.

Ready When You Are

Our out-of-the-box solutions provide you with dashboards that enable you to improve response times, map out your workflow, identify bottlenecks and make an impact on your lab quickly. You can even access your lab visualizations anywhere, on any device, including smart phones and tablets.

Tailored For Your Lab

You understand your business best. Advanced Analytics provides you with easy-to-use tools to create your own dashboards and visualizations. This level of configuration lets you gather new, precise insights about the business side of your lab. Seeing your lab’s operations from a fresh perspective brings new possibilities to light.

Turnaround Time

Lab managers in Quality Manufacturing laboratories have many customers counting on them to get high-quality results as quickly as possible and turnaround time is key. The best way to work toward a shorter turnaround time is to fine-tune your lab processes. Advanced Analytics provides a quick snapshot of how things are running in the lab so staff can discover the cause of bottlenecks and take corrective action to get the lab back on track.

Case Management

An overwhelming number of requests for services pour into the forensic lab on a daily basis. Advanced Analytics organizes the necessary information quickly, in a meaningful visual representation. From a report for top brass to documentation for grant applications, lab professionals can access what they need straight from their dashboards. They can view lab submissions by year, completed status, submitting agency, offense type and more.

Key performance indicators change in real time and now forensic specialists can get real-time data that allows them to assess workloads quickly and adjust resources as needed. Advanced Analytics puts all the relevant data right at their fingertips.

Rapid Response

Laboratory professionals must be able to back up their course of action with facts quickly. When lab managers are pressed for answers from an executive, they can sometimes find they do not have ready access to analysis to back up their reasoning. They would typically have to go back and spend valuable time finding the answers and compiling a report. But now, with the powerful data engine in Starlims Advanced Analytics, those same questions can be answered on the fly, in real time.