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AgriBusiness Global: Early-Stage Innovation with Labstep ELN

November 21, 2023

AgriBusiness Global reached out to STARLIMS Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Brandon Henning, to discuss our recent acquisition of Labstep and their cutting-edge ELN. Read an excerpt below.

What challenges within the agrochemical industry were you trying to address prior to this acquisition of your Labstep? How can you better address them now?

Brandon Henning: We wanted to address the full cycle of R&D, which is difficult to do with a traditional LIMS. The addition of an ELN now enables us to serve that part of our customer’s journey. An Informatics Platform that addresses a brand owner’s full lifecycle from R&D to quality control in manufacturing through product release is a solution the market has been increasingly asking for.

A connected platform allows customers to get new products to market faster, which helps them increase revenue. A connected platform also provides the data needed to protect IP and more easily register products.

Accelerating New Product Introduction (NPI) is a core value that STARLIMS provides to customers, and the addition of the Labstep ELN will significantly enhance our ability to do that.

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