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STARLIMS in Food Manufacturing: Enhancing QC in Food & Beverage

November 13, 2023

How LIMS Consolidation Can Support Quality Control in Food & Beverage

Paper-based data management processes belong in the recycling bin. If you’re still operating your labs on pen and paper or across disparate LIMS, read the article in Food Manufacturing written by STARLIMS’ Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Brandon Henning, to learn how consolidating LIMS across labs can support F&B businesses in enhancing security, improving productivity, and fostering collaboration. Excerpt Below:

Simplify Compliance & Reduce Business Risk

In the food and beverage industry, the safety and quality of your products are vital to the world’s food supply chain. Implementing a solid informatics platform helps you simplify the process of confirming that all current regulations are met at each point in the workflow and facilitates automation and integration with instruments. 

A lack of data integrity can lead to facility shutdown, import bans and recalls, as well as a drop in brand value and market share. A consolidated informatics system provides the opportunity to gain full traceability of your products and monitor your food production all the way to the kitchen table.

It is well understood that a LIMS can help with regulatory compliance, but there are other compliance initiatives that brand owners and organizations must contend with. 

Oftentimes, internal compliance objectives or compliance with customer objectives are much tougher to meet, as they can vary greatly from product to product, site to site, and customer to customer. Having one solution that manages all your compliance objectives can drive significant productivity, simplify your lab and quality operations, and provide a differentiated experience for your customers. 

Ultimately, whether it’s for regulatory, customer, or corporate compliance, it’s important to capture, automate, track, and report on correct data, processes, and evidence to help you reach your compliance goals. By consolidating your food and beverage lab testing, you’ll get a unified, holistic view of your data that sets you up for success in simplifying compliance. 

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