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Global Coffee and Tea Company Improves Quality Operations with Starlims

April 14, 2023

The company has seen better sample tracking, faster testing turnaround times, more accurate reporting, and simplified quality control management with the Starlims Quality Manufacturing Informatics Platform.

With products in over 100 countries, multiple operating facilities, and an expanding product portfolio, streamlined quality operations and faster time-to-market were critical for this leading coffee and tea company.

Business Challenges

The company’s existing LIMS was due for an upgrade and could no longer address its needs. Manual processes, measurement errors, and poor document collection and storage were costing the company time, resources, and money.

Constant retesting meant more personnel, reagents and consumables, and equipment time were needed, while issues with managing test results and reports led to delays in turnaround time. The company’s analytical staff was also being weighed down with labor-intensive routine testing, making them unable to focus on in-depth scientific analyses. It became essential that the company outsource this testing so its team could focus on the critical method development that would drive the business forward. To do so, it needed a secure, cloud-based solution with automation and integration capabilities that would reduce manual processes, improve workflow inefficiencies, and speed turnaround time.

Why the Company Chose Starlims

When assessing different systems on the market, the company focused on several key factors. It looked for a cloud-based LIMS solution that offered out-of-the-box capabilities with capacity for configuration. It also needed a partner that could provide a high level of customer and service support. Data security, easy integration with other systems, and compatibility with different devices were also critical drivers in its search for a new solution.

Starlims exceeded the company’s expectations and outperformed other vendors across traceability, ease-of-use, cloud security, and functionality. The company selected Starlims’ fully managed cloud hosting services, as well as the LIMS, Scientific Data Management System (SDMS), Advanced Analytics, and Mobility components within the Starlims Quality Manufacturing Informatics Platform to help them efficiently manage quality operations and drive business growth.