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This Fall Starlims Retains #1 LIMS Leader G2 Ranking, also Clinches the #1 Spot for SDMS

September 19, 2023

Starlims leads in G2 Fall Rankings for LIMS, SDMS, and more. Recognized for delivering exceptional laboratory informatics solutions.

Excellent user experience and efficient feature implementation.

Customer Testimonial from G2.com 

We are thrilled to announce that Starlims has once again secured its top-ranking status as G2’s #1 LIMS provider. This reaffirms our standing as the preferred solution for large enterprises in pursuit of informatics solutions that enhance visibility into laboratory operations and expedite testing processes, ultimately leading to faster time-to-market. Additionally, STARLIMS has surged to claim the leading position in G2’s SDMS report, cementing our position as the foremost provider and leader in this field.

To those who contributed their voice to the G2 platform, thank you! Your feedback is highly valued at Starlims and contributes to our growth and ability to serve your needs in the lab. We finished the summer with 115 reviews and an average score of 4.4 out of 5. G2 included Starlims in 11 reports, awarding 6 new badges across LIMS, ELN, and SDMS technologies.

Starlims Leads in LIMS and SDMS

Out of 180 vendors, Starlims holds the sole Leader position in the LIMS Grid® Report. Starlims also holds the #1 positions in the SDMS Grid® Report, Momentum Grid® Report, and Relationship Index for LIMS. These achievements affirm Starlims’ industry-leading position and unrivaled commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • The Grid® Report offers a high-level overview LIMS and SDMS on G2, including which products have the most satisfied customers.
  • Products in the Leader tier in the Momentum Grid® rank in the top 25% of their category’s products by their users.
  • The Relationship provides a deeper dive into customer experience and results.

Notably, our customers highlighted the user experience, efficient functionality, and high-caliber service and support teams among their reasons for ranking Starlims so highly. Read on to discover more about why our customers love us.

Spotlighted Review for Starlims

Starlims is very adaptable across different testing areas. For example, we started with food and agricultural products testing, and later expanded into automotive. Starlims can easily adapt to our business and process change. It’s a system that has reflected industry best practices. The management philosophy is embedded in the functional design and product features, which can help us with process optimization and management improvement.”

Which LIMS is Best for You?

When it comes to selecting the best LIMS for you, there are several factors to consider. From the size and scope of your lab to your user requirements and budget, finding the ideal LIMS solution requires careful evaluation and analysis. The Starlims customer community is global and inclusive of enterprise companies across life sciences, food & beverage, chemical, agrochemical, CDMOs, consumer goods, oil & gas, and more.

Find out more about how Starlims stacks up against other leaders in the LIMS category below:

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A Thank You From Starlims

We once again want to thank our customers and those of you who took the time to review your experience with Starlims. We are delighted to continue to receive glowing (and constructive) feedback from our customers. Your dedication to Starlims helps us continually improve our services and innovate to better meet your laboratory management needs. Visit www.G2.com to read more reviews on why customers ranked Starlims so highly.