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Customer Q&A: Key Takeaways from a 14 Year Partnership with Bayer

With over 14 years of working with STARLIMS, our partner Bayer AG knows how to get the most value out of a LIMS. Learn more in the interview.

Get to Know Labstep: A Q&A with the Heads of Product and Customer Success

We sat down with Labstep’s Barney Walker and Jenny Hu to discuss their backgrounds and learn why they’re excited to join STARLIMS.

AgriBusiness Global: Early-Stage Innovation with Labstep ELN

AgriBusiness Global reached out to discuss our recent acquisition of Labstep and their cutting-edge ELN.

Join Us at Starlims Virtual Connect 2023

STARLIMS provides an integrated solution that offers decision support tools required in the field of life sciences. After the system goes live, it will help maximize operational efficiency in Waker Bioscience’s laboratory.

The Pharma Industry Strives to Become Carbon Neutral, and LIMS Can Help

In the lab, using a lab information management system (LIMS) to track and manage assets, data and reports is one way to do that.

Starlims Business Announces the Release of Starlims Technology Platform v12.2

Discover all the new features of the new version of the Technology Platform

Medline Industries Transitions from Paper-Based Data Management to Starlims Solution

Medline Industries Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and clinical solutions for healthcare industry customers in more than 90 countries.

Looking for a LIMS? Here Are the Top 5 Things to Consider

Homegrown systems and disconnected data silos decrease productivity and elevate risk. LIMS are essential for lab productivity.

STARLIMS Unveils Next-Generation LIMS for Public Health: Life Sciences for Public Health (LPH) 1.0

We’re happy to announce the launch of Life Sciences for Public Health (LPH) 1.0, a cutting-edge LIMS with an upgrade to HTML5.

2023 Wrapped: STARLIMS Year of Transformation

2023 was a constellation of success, and it’s all thanks to each one of you. As we close this chapter, let’s carry the momentum into a new year of innovation, collaboration, and achieving new heights, together.

Winter 2024 STARLIMS Maintains #1 LIMS Leader G2 Ranking

STARLIMS has maintained its position as G2’s #1 LIMS provider, further solidifying our position as the preferred choice for enterprise companies seeking superior laboratory informatics solutions. This fall, STARLIMS also skyrocketed to the top of G2’s SDMS report as the #1 provider and leader in the space.

The Future of Lab Productivity: Consolidated LIMS

Buried under the weight of inefficient workflows, numerous testing processes, and a deluge of mismanaged data? Find a better path forward…