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Designed To Protect and Save Earth’s Resources

Our environmental sciences LIMS is designed for both public and commercial environmental testing, and contract laboratories operating at national, regional and local levels. The STARLIMS Environmental Sciences LIMS solution is tailored to address the needs of international environmental testing and contract laboratories to remain in compliance with regulations from reservoir to tap. By supporting the daily functions of a multidisciplinary laboratory, we ensure environmental testing results are fully traceable to known standards and quality assurance parameters throughout the entire sample life cycle. The inherent flexibility of the LIMS solution allows the lab to continually adapt business processes to match customer needs and emerging regulations.

Have Confidence In Compliance And Best Practices

  • Use preconfigured Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) methodologies or configure other environmental international methodologies
  • Track and manage testing certifications of chemists and technicians to ensure methodologies are followed according to EPA and other international standard methods
  • STARLIMS has been designed to help your organization comply with ISO 17025, often the basis for gaining industry recognized accreditations (i.e. National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), American Association for Laboratory Cooperation (A2LA))
  • Track and manage versions of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and define document routing with a Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

Support For Public And Commercial Environmental Testing Labs

Commercial environmental testing labs

  • Register customer sampling points using Google Maps and GPS coordinates
  • Issue automatic alerts, and generate reports and invoices automatically
  • Streamline data approvals according to your business processes
  • Simplify instrument sensitivity verification using detection limit functionality
  • Extract and analyze critical business information using the ad hoc query tool
  • Extend the core database model to capture lab-specific parameters. The flexible, built-in metadata architecture provides unlimited configuration capabilities
  • Promote better business decisions based on real-time data, using easily accessed dashboards with key performance indicators
  • Enhance results review to help recognise ‘out-of specification’ conditions and validate testing results against customer data quality objectives

Public environmental testing labs

  • Provide timely and accurate results to both the internal organization and to regulatory agencies, all in an effort to ensure public water supply quality is maintained at an acceptable level
  • Automate processes throughout the lifecycle of the sample, from scheduling and sample login to reporting
  • Support comprehensive reporting and re-sampling as required 
Quality & More Capabilities

Guarantee The Quality Of Your Environmental Lab Results 

  • Access an entire sample history, including displaying full audit trails and view e-signature information
  • Review the training history of each individual
  • Simplify instrument sensitivity verification using detection limit functi