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From The Crime Scene To The Courtroom

The STARLIMS Forensics LIMS solution is specifically designed for all aspects of the forensics industry. From pre-logging of evidence and documenting the crime scene, to laboratory analysis and property storage and disposition, our LIMS streamlines the entire forensics process, helping your agency cut costs, save time, and achieve compliance. By making evidence collection and management easy and accessible from anywhere, STARLIMS helps your agency spend less time on paperwork and more time on important casework.

Have Confidence In Quality And Best Practices

  • STARLIMS has been designed to help your organization comply with ISO 17025, ASCLD-LAB, CALEA and other accreditation standards
  • Work with a GSA Schedule 70 Certified provider. STARLIMS is GSA Schedule 70 certified for Forensics and Public Health. See all our certifications
  • Reduce error rates. Our forensics LIMS solution actively interacts with users to prevent errors. For example, expired reagents and offline equipment will not be available for selection
  • Link documents to required quality standards, with version control and maintenance of retired materials
  • Perform quality audits, track proficiency testing and training, document equipment and reagent quality checks
  • Take advantage of the QA Compilation Application to ease the burden of preparing for assessments and year-end quality reports. View our Benefits of a LIMS that Complies with ISO 17025 webinar for more information
  • Document and track every piece of evidence from the crime scene to the courtroom. Scan barcodes for efficient batch transfers, with electronic chain-of-custody via user name and password or signature pads

Use The Modules That You Need

STARLIMS Forensics LIMS operates on a concurrent license model which means clients do not pay for more than they need. Work seamlessly across crime scene, lab, and property unit modules. Set up new sites, lab units, analyses, workflows and examiner report templates, and review processes through easy-to-use workflow settings. Use the modules you need today, and add other modules as your operations expand. 

  • Laboratory: Achieve time savings and reduce typographical errors via instrument integrations and file parsing. We offer a ACE-V based Latent Print module, specialized areas for Firearms including Class Characteristic Matrix and Firearms Reference Collection, capture recertification activities and points, and much more.
  • Quality Management: The STARLIMS Forensics solution offers both a LIMS and a QMS. Eliminate the redundancy and shortcomings of two separate systems by letting our Integrated Solution help you maintain high standards and increase efficiency. 
  • Property Unit: Store and track highly sensitive crime scene evidence and other property. Accurately document every movement and account for every item, from receipt to disposition, with real-time barcoded tracking. Officers can save time by pre-logging evidence directly from their vehicle computer.
  • Crime Scene: Capture every detail of the scene, including who was on the scene, what they did, and what evidence was collected. The electronic chain-of-custody feature begins immediately upon collection. Count on offline functionality when connectivity isn’t available.
More Capabilities

Support Multiple Report Types

  • Generate examiner reports in Microsoft Word or Crystal Reports
  • Pre-populate results and headers based on unit templates, saving time and reducing transcription errors
  • Produce statistical reports on evidence throughput, turnaround times, backlogs, workload, and more for resource management and submission to national bodies requiring year-end reports or grant applications
  • Create dashboards that display key performance indicators with Advanced Analytics

Streamline Evidence Collection At The Scene

  • Barcode and enter evidence into STARLIMS right at the scene of a crime or your patrol car. Standardized drop-down lists improve efficiency and ensure accuracy
  • When working offline, store key information in an Excel spreadsheet, then import directly back into the system once you’re back online
  • Use vehicle and body processing templates to streamline note taking, easily store and annotate photos, record the results of presumptive tests, collect evidence and start the chain-of-custody immediately
  • Draft scene narratives and generate your investigative report in Microsoft Word or Crystal Reports
  • Track response time metrics for reports to management
  • Present key performance indicators in visually intuitive, interactive graphs with our Advanced Analytics offering

Manage The Property Warehouse

  • Use the property file wizard to create property records quickly and easily. Barcodes make transfers quick and easy
  • Know the location of items at all times. Receive alerts for misfiled or misplaced evidence and reminders when evidence is overdue
  • Send disposition requests to officers and document the response
  • Generate return to owner documents and evidence inventory reconciliation reports
  • Other useful features include the banking application to track currency, and the destruction module

Streamline And Automate Day-to-Day Lab Logistics

  • Manage analyst caseload, and assign tests and enter results for items of evidence
  • Interface directly with other instruments, saving data entry time and reducing transcription errors. Track AFIS, NIBIN, and CODIS searches and hits
  • If you are a fee-for-service agency, take advantage of our invoicing module
  • Easily pull information together for discovery/FOIA requests

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