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Easily document important method execution steps at the moment they are performed (in-lab execution). Our LES helps to ensure standard operating procedures are being followed, avoiding transcription errors and paper-based inefficiencies.

LES Capabilities

With STARLIMS Laboratory Execution System (LES) laboratories can easily document important method execution steps at the moment they are performed (in-lab execution). This helps to ensure Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are being followed and tasks are being developed in a compliant and controlled way. 

Increase Efficiency Through Streamlined Workflows

With the LES, lab analysts are going to be able, in real time, to document their laboratory preparations associated to a product testing run samples such as sample, standard and solution preparations as well as other important steps. It supports to reduce the time and overhead that takes to document STP execution and minimizes manual data entry and redundancy that could be prone to costly errors.

Enable Regulatory Compliance With Consistent Sops

STARLIMS QM v12.2 comes with a workflow engine to configure a sequence of lab execution steps and associated parameters that need to be documented as part of test runs and simplifies data entry. Lab technicians are guided through the workflow steps, ensuring compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Document In-lab Execution Data

For labs working under GxP regulations or labs certified under ISO 17025, STARLIMS LES can support on documenting the parameters of test method execution in great detail. Data is readily available for audits.  

Easy Adoption By Lab Personnel

With an intuitive, touch-screen user interface, lab technicians training is simplified, and they can rapidly start using the solution.

Paperless Lab Approach

STARLIMS LES can support organizations working towards a paperless lab approach, minimizing transcription errors and paper-based inefficiencies.

Supports Data Integrity

With STARLIMS LES, the required validation checks can be performed: data integrity is supported by ensuring that only the right equipment (within maintenance), lab personnel (certified individuals) and materials (not expired) are being used. 


STARLIMS Knows Your Business

From R&D to manufacturing and beyond, STARLIMS optimizes the entire product lifecycle. With preconfigured industry-specific features and capabilities, STARLIMS experts can get your LIMS solution up and running quickly so you can concentrate on getting high quality and safe products to market faster. Select an industry to find technical specifications and learn more about how STARLIMS helps your organization excel.

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